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Sunday, March 26, 2017

2017 ITF ISC final day recap

Got tired of EB ITF website's no update of OOP for Sunday, so just headed to Carson.

BJK spotted! Stayed on SJ's side, chatted with SJ's mom? Didn't stay around for doubles though, maybe she was too tired and wanted to rest before today evening. I need to study Casal's face on the web to recognize her face..haha.

Ken was wearing New Orleans City Tennis t shirt! He's not covering EB, too bad. Operating 3 laptops, he was literally a 'sitting duck'! So could only cover the main stadium 5 match, women singles final and doubles final. Interviewed Colette just before the doubles start.

Massaged his shoulders a bit after the doubles match lol(he must be tired!) and quickly exited the venue, drove non-stop to arrive here! It's rather cool, surprisingly pleasant, on 2:20pm(it was warmer at Carson so was thinking that it was an ominous portent for the Hellish weather at IW lol). Will finish the recap in time to watch G14 doubles at PVCC which starts at 4(then, FREE DINNER at IWTG! Yum!).

Today's winner for the boys was Lotto, both finalist were wearing its outfit! Naturally? USC and UCLA coaches watched this.

So, 'Ninja' vs 'BRATstine'! Haha.  Was that Constance? :)

I was rather hoping a cool scene like Rybarikova and Safarova high fiving during changeover(they were playing against each other in singles) in IW 2015 or something lol(that was the coolest thing I ever saw at the tennis court; fans naturally went wild!), didn't happen lol. Hug after the match was rather lukewarm compared to Nicole & Car as well, haha.

Bad habits from each, more like a miscalculation;

Car just watched SJ's balls land on the corner lol(rather like Karo Pliskova? Lol. By the way I saw Karo's face grace the billboard for Fila on the way!), thinking it would go out.

SJ didn't just let go Car's long balls sailing over the court; she elected to volley it, bad decision and it mostly ended in her errors later, crucial ones at that. Nice 'leg-thru' though!

The most impressive moment in this match was Car's SABR. At the 2nd game of the 2nd set, she got tired of misreading SJ's serve lol(couldn't read much, SJ's placement and pace was excellent), and elected to come forward to the net to receive serve; damn impressive, and she did return it, but netted the next return.

Car did not unleash her 'pushing' mode lol, either she couldn't(because of the sheer pace of SJ's drive), or that she didn't need to.

Her bh was probably the shot of the day; her lethal c/c fh inflicting major damage was expected, but her bh was also quite formidable. Didn't break down either. Dtl, no problema.

So she was winning the major rallies, mostly ending in SJ's forced errors. But the overall winner count could be similar because SJ's one-two punch 'Ninja attack' was quite successful as well. Those backhand volleys! One shot, One Kill!
Naturally Car was frustrated.

The dilemma facing serve and volleyers especially facing Car; Car is a good mover and a superb passer. The reason why Elysia yesterday didn't try it much, probably.
Those passes were quite critical in finally breaking SJ today.

No bathroom break after the 2nd set.


Arango rather underperformed, but it was partly B/D's superb performance; I would like to nominate Ellie Douglas as the player of the day; eventually faltered but her bh held surprisingly well, and even made some critical plays, creating width with it. And, her poaches were excellent today. Serve, best condition(vastly served better than her singles matches!). Drive volleys, especially on the bh side, went long though.

And Car, just dominated the net with ease. Those ridiculous touch shots at net! Also the best driver and server of the tournament. A/M just could not successfully withstand those barrages from Car; it was like a cannon shot! The best talent from So. Cal since Meredith Xepoleas(better server and vastly better variety than Xep lol. I do think Xep's tennis IQ was underrated though)..

Totally forgot they use no-ad lol. B/D were also strong in those points.
1st set was a blitz, A and M both getting broken, took like 20 minutes. Changeover was also really quick(perfect for TV!).

Elli was calm as usual, showing no emotion even when making poor plays like committing DFs. Polar opposite to BRATstine in temperament..! Haha(Car even stomped on the racquet yesterday during her singles match against Elysia!).

Her poaches were effective today as well; probably on par with Gabby Andrews and Kaitlyn McCarthy, and that's an ultimate compliment! Really was a revelation, and consulting the notes yesterday, she was even more impressive; not only poaches: Caty wasn't winning the drive duel against her either. Returned poaches superbly, and passed at will..

That's it! 2:52pm now, after reporting my morning birding at ebird, will have ample time to leisurely head to PVCC to watch the anticipated G14 doubles matches! Man I'm already hungry lol.

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