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Friday, March 17, 2017

2017 ITF NPB 3/17

Last day here.

Glaucous Gull was reported so birded Bolsa Chica walk bridge area twice, to no avail. Other birders also could not find it. 4 of them in the morning told me that they saw a juvenile Bald Eagle; methinks I saw a Golden Eagle later lol, but not sure.

87 species found during this tournament.

'Canadian' was visible throughout the day, as usual!

And, is that Nick Meister or something? Former Bruin; I think he sported that BUSHY beard before James Harden 'popularized' it..haha(at Ojai). Now it's pretty 'presentable'!

One club member was wearing a giant green Leprechaun hat lol.

Some courts have electronic? scoreboard; players can 'edit' it. Numbers are also big for easy recognition.

Was surprised to see Nikki R, but I think her brother played the doubles final.

Stein def. Gadalov

The triumph of skill AND will. Lauren from the 2nd set was panting, having to deal with Jen's physical game, but managed to pull it off.

Did she practice drop shotting all night lol. Attempted a LOT, probably like twice per game, and the success rate was VERY high. Very good execution, didn't get pounced often. Some even began to fall before the net, resulting in winners, and against Jen's that's a fantastic execution.

Still young so couldn't quite outhit Jen, but her aggression was good enough; more important, she was prepared to engage in protracted rallies with Jen; succeeded in winning the point after many attacks including drive volleys. Did NOT panic.

Jen's serve was attackable so attacked those too(but Jen could in fact serve quite well, painting the lines). And, even her defense was good; had no problem out-moonballing Jen lol, and her on the run shots were also very solid; in fact both hit that shot very well; hence LONG rallies. Very good backsteps by both, too.

So it was Jen who made errors in the end. But because her ability to reset points was so good(even her one-hand backhand lob was good), Lauren just could not relax one bit lol. In fact Jen had several 'gears' in her 'arsenal'; adding pace with enough spin to discomfit Lauren, and also an extreme moonball mode. Lauren weathered those out, attacking consistently including overheads.

She had multiple breakpoints leading 2-0 in the 2nd, but after gazilions of errors, finally lost that game. Also got finally broken after some misjudged volleys. So trailed 2-3 but broke right back methinks. Then I had to watch the other semi(only could concentrate on the last game or so thereafter).

Don't think the handshake was quite good..haha.

Volynets def. Ewing

Very high level; both just moved and hit so well, that the rally was a protracted one, with high pace. Salma eventually broke down, but both produced plenty of winners(in fact not that many because both moved so well).
Probably the de facto final, but we'll see. Finalists are both from the class of 2020.


Drummy/Wang def. Graham/Stein

G committed at least 7 DFs. Stein held 3/4 of her service games methinks.
Like the previous match S's drives got poached, and G hardly ever made a passing shot methinks, unlike the previous match. D/W served well; not only G, S also couldn't return many of them.
S again was again aggressive at net, but D/W weren't deficient in that department either.

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