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Monday, March 13, 2017

2017 ITF NPB Doubles draw out

In fact this link is better especially for OOP, but it's bloody hard to find;

Contenders; Ewing/Stearns rightly 1st seed, Owensbys, VL is good but dunno Goel, Gadalov/Muljat, Graham/Stein, Cruz/Redelijk, Duong/Lin, Hung/Janko, Corleys vs Deming/Pitts 1st rd marquee match, McQuaid/Peus would normally be #1 but since Ryan's form is down..McQuaid also hasn't been too stellar recently. Grishuk/Volynets is a young team, but seeded 2nd.

I think Duong/Lin could go far, hell even could win this. Gadalov/Muljat's defense could be good. Cruz/Redelijk is also a team to watch out for. Ivana Corley is a heck of a doubles player, wonder how good her sister is.

I'm getting my car checked right now(just like last year during this event lol), so will be able to head down from tomorrow. NPB is just damn too far compared to Claremont, and I'm not sure what to expect about the court view, but excellent birding hotspots nearby somewhat redeems it lol. I need to get that picture of that rare Rusty Blackbird at Centennial Regional Park. Should try to find that Pacific Wren at HCP too.

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