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Friday, March 10, 2017

2017 IW 3/9 recap: Saved by an act of kindness

First had to sleep off, was too tired after returning after the 2nd set between Tsurenko and Peng(now 12am).

As usual ate breakfast at McDonald's and left to bird Santa Rosa monument. On the way checked and couldn't find the wallet. Arrived and checked thoroughly to no avail. After 25-minute birding in despair lol, came back to the restaurant, hoping against hope that someone picked it up: and he/she did!!  Imagine my palpable relief. Even everything was intact. Just want to say thank you here.

So couldn't really bird much, but looks very promising. More arid than Thousand Palms, so definitely Black throated sparrow territory. Dawn birding there tomorrow lol.

Hellish hot.

Venus was practicing at the more accessible PC15 this time. The dog, this time just stayed in the bag, maybe it also was feeling the heat lol.

Wayne Bryan talk show; wonder if he'll talk about the demise of doubles in Div. I college tennis.

Can't decipher what I've scribbled next lol.

So it was Makarova's mom who was clapping yesterday! Confirmed by checking the practice courts, both Vesnina and Makarova were out there.

Haven't seen Kris. Plis. practice, only Karolina. Later finally saw Nadal this time. Now only Djokovic left(also glimpsed a bit of Fed later about 3pm, the practice court was absolutely crowded. 'Peruvian' was there as well! Why was she alone though, where's her pal Cici).

Aga's serve was good during practice matches.

Forgot to mention Bondarenko vs Wang's match on 3/8. I felt for B, she looked so damn exhausted during the later stages.

MDM vs Tig, quite tight.

Kyrgios was seen rooting for Ajla against Gorgeous.
Both were aggressive, but at first it wasn't particularly high level what with both committing errors. Methinks G's serve was decisive.
Mr. Law was there so said hello! He gave me a coconut chocolate cookie; another act of kindness!

And of course Stefan's act of kindness will be repaid today lol, will root for him for at least 2 games sacrificing watching women's matches.

Also forgot to add this but body serve against Brat seemed effective.

Even court 9 was full; not because of star power either, because it was between Bertens/Larsson vs Olaru/Savchuk. DOUBLES AS FAN FAVORITE. Can't emphasize this enough. So couldn't watch it then, only could catch the last game or so. O hurrahed after winning a point!

Kasatkina vs CSN practice match, luckily caught it while roaming the practice courts. K Drop shot, got passed. Volley seemed good. Defensive slide and bh slice. Jumping bh.

I've mentioned the dire state of the current WTA generation; it's called 'ripe for picking'. Younger players might take over any time soon.

Mona was impressive; pushed but with intent, moving Siniakova effectively around, and attacked when the opportunity presented. But pushed too much; either got attacked or committed errors. So the points were long and the game neverending.

I thought standing up was finally ok now, at court 7 to watch court 8 match; the illusion was disabused soon enough by the overzealous guards and volunteers. Security should just literally 'tackle' 'present and imminent danger'. Being too visible by unneccesary minding of fans' trying to watch as many matches as possible, is frankly a mistake imo. Ruins the fan experience(I'm not the only one standing either, shared the frustration with an elderly lady who was also standing).

So couldn't really watch the later stage of Svitolina/Siegemund vs Chan/Bondarenko. Chan seemed pretty good. Svitolina was quite good at net, was surprised. Siegemund was also quite active at net, but also made errors(Svitolina was the more solid one methinks).

Dodin vs Parmentier. Was shocked to find that Dodin was not the blondie during practice the day earlier(then who was that blondie? Lol). So that was the mystery girl who was watching Schiavone vs Minella match the day before.

Instantly liked her lol. Tall and hence a bit lacking in movement, but certainly could produce huge pace. But tended to overhit a lot, making home run balls rather often; hence the score.
Sam came by to take pics and instantly spotted 'the original ball-basher' Mary Pierce! Looked good.

Oh by the way Sam also was harassed by the security, about his cameras. When he's freely advertising IW by capturing and uploading impeccable pics; just plain stupid.

Sakkari has been diligently practicing every day.

Shot of the day candidate; bp tying 2-2. Against drop shot, sprinted over and made a scintillating sharp angled cross court volley on the run, eliciting an FE. But who made this, can't remember lol.

NO QUIT academy students loudly chanted and cheered for Asia Muhammad methinks.
Rosol after the win came by to watch Brat/Gorgeous vs Mirza/BZS doubles.
Brat also had a nice feel at net. But Mirza could match power to power, and BZS excelled at net.

'Turban' passed(fashion of the day, fashioning a turban with a towel to protect herself from the brutal sun ray lol), was she a player? Quite tall..walkaway between stadium 8 and 9, at 4:21pm.

Davis shot of the day candidate; 3-1 2nd set, winning a point to ad. Super sharp cross court volley on the run against Golubic. Watched a bit of the 2nd set.

Earlier Kiki M/Kuzzy; both were quite excellent. They could go far here methinks.
By the way Kiki was dressed quite conservatively during practice in the morning haha.

Tried to watch BMS/Safarova vs McHale/Niculescu stadium 5 match; COULDN'T GET IN. IW should just acknowledge the primacy of doubles and schedule those doubles matches on bigger stadiums like 3 and 4. Not only doubles matches by ATP singles stars(in fact they scheduled those on lower courts as well, for example Andy Murray doubles match last year or something).

Tormo's defense was insane. Probably one of the players of the day. I don't think Ekat played even that bad. But so good was T's defense that she approached the net, and although she's a good net player, got passed by T.  Also made errors after rallies.

Tsurenko vs Peng; good match, probably one of the matches of the day(Peng and Hibino both made it on my list at least twice lol). Lesia can produce impressive width; one of the reasons why I like her. Excellent control, deep hitting almost painting the baseline; so could stretch Peng wide. But Peng just moved so well, and her aggressive hitting was quite effective as well. Quite evenly matched, I'd say. Alves also watched this, just below me. By the way where's Eva Asderaki.

That's it, 1:21am now, back to sleep for dawn birding at Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument! Hope to spot the Black-throated Sparrow this time.

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