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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

2017 IW PQ 1st day 2nd rd

I found a presumed Iceland Gull all by myself yesterday at Rio Hondo Spreading Ground(not bad for a novice birder! Thick-billed Kingbird still eludes me though. Harris's Sparrow eventually pops out, so could spot it; my lifebird, especially sweet to add on my LA county list). Even Kimball Garrett thinks it might be so, but the problem is that my photo taken by point and shoot is of low quality. It's really tricky to actually identify this gull(mostly confused with Thayer's Gull), so the picture need to provide finer details like bill shape, tertial and tail pattern. Too bad there wasn't an expert birder present to confirm my finding.

During the lull(before 3rd rd matches);

Pliskova debuts on the banner photos at stadium 3. Svitolina too, and Goffin? AO finalists were grouped at stadium 4, both men and women.

BIG NUMBERS FOR STADIUM, on the banners and structure. Easy to spot and orient oneself.

Internet wifi is good as usual(hence am doing this at the venue).

Can't use the restroom in the building(construction in progress), but mobile ones outside are pretty cool, like Oracle.

The website was down yesterday night. So didn't know about the updated draw, but trusted that the latest one was still effective; my mistake. Imagine my dismay when I found out that numerous players withdrew; Douglas, Dolehide, McNally, Booth, Boren, Jaksic?..I wonder why I even bothered to come. Couldn't they update it sooner???

Keberle def. Kiss (crt2)

Watched quite a lot. Camille improved even further methinks, and her drives are pure gold(fh form reminds me a bit of Felicity Maltby). Always a pleasure to watch those. Methinks got more accurate, hence could produce width better than Lexi. Probably vastly more winners as well. Serve was at times unstable, defensive movement was a bit suspect, and attempted variety(net approaches, volleys) but the execution lacked bite(so Lexi could reach those). But she's basically a kid, so...she'll ascend to TRN Blue Chip sooner or later, imo.
Lexi was quite good actually, hitting aggressively.

Ryngler def. Van Nguyen (crt9)

Watched this match at first, then came back afterwards when Keberle and MLDB won(probably match TB). The tone was probably set at the very first, because R had no problem handling VN's attacks, moving and defending quite well. Seemed quite composed as well, not panicking when VN approached the net. And dictated lots of points with her drives aiming the sidelines, putting VN on the defensive. In the end VN crumbled committing errors.

MLDB def. Chen (crt18)

Mostly watched the 1st set. Probably one of the marquee matches today, and Kelly played well. As usual served well, and moved quite well; her anticipation and footwork seemed good. So the points were generally long. Could attack sharply as well. Duke recruits very well in...California lol, always has been. Later said hi.

 Who won the 1st set against Goulak.

Morgan vs Zhao (crt8)

Couldn't watch much so can't say, but Z could definitely trouble M with her aggression. Methinks she actually won the 1st set? Later had to concentrate on the below 'marquee' match.

Kenin def. Jankowski 76, 63 (crt17)

Cali scored like twice the winners. But couldn't really effectively read Sofia's serve. But herself served well, so both held. Slices weren't bad, returning serve, etc. Long points as usual favored Sofia. Cali's movement really wasn't that bad, but her fh on the stretch could be unstable(including receiving serve). Late finally broke Sofia with fine aggression, but from then on committed many errors including DFs. Even more competitive than their last meeting at last year's same event, so you know how good Cali is now.
By the way ASU got two good players, especially Baptiste(not Hailey!)? from GB? for the class of 2017, she's said to be good.

3rd rd, looking forward to Kratzer vs Mossmer and Gordon vs 'Thunder' (1hr left).
Can't bother to drive back, so will miss Michigan vs USC, too bad. But pumped for Desert Birding(Big Morongo, Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center, Thousand Palms, Salton Sea which I should bird the whole day on Sunday)!

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