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Thursday, March 2, 2017

2017 IW PQ Day 2 Quarterfinals

Everybody is finding that Thick-billed Kingbird at Horsethief Canyon Park, it's freaking unbelievable -_-

Barthel and Dolgo spotted late in the afternoon, who usually arrive here early.

There was a weird bird at the top of stadium 1; it sure wasn't a blackbird, which was nearby, but don't think it was a Kestrel either. Was hoping to have a crack at it later using my scope, but it flew away a bit later, too bad. A couple of Great-tailed Grackles were spotted earlier. Vermilion Flycatcher which is rare in LA county, is a regular at the church parking lot here lol, hoping to spotting it during the tournament.

Liu def. Ryngler

Blowout, Liu too good. Good experience for Alexa I guess.

Kratzer def. MLDB

As I said more or less concentrated on this match.
Is Ashley helped by USTA? Did she already turn pro or what(she's class of 2017 methinks).
Ashley is surely one of the biggest hitters in the tournament. Can produce enormous place, and as I said can attack lines. Probably served a bit better; MLDB couldn't return well later some of those, and MLDB's unstable serve was exposed, DFing or getting attacked by Ashley. Rallies, later on MLDB was the one to make errors after intense exchanges.
Ashley persisted in attempting drop shot, that was interesting. Regardless of outcome(one finally elicited MLDB's error).

Sanchez def. McCray

Last match to finish. I guess Maria won't be heading to Marks tomorrow lol(to watch the Trojans battle the Wolverines). Megan was aggressively serve and volleying when I watched a bit in the 1st, that was interesting.

Sanford def. Ewing

Alex too good but Salma resisted to the end, her aggression could trouble Alex.
ITF RSF redux, Sanchez vs Sanford tomorrow(Maria managed to grind it out that one).

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