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Thursday, March 2, 2017

2017 IW PQ Day 2 Round of 16

Walked all the way to the north box office to buy tickets and nobody was there. So asked at the Gift shop and was told to try Washington side; walked again ALL the way across the venue to the SE end(some players were practicing then and earlier, including VU).  Again, closed, so was going crazy then finally got 'accepted'.  Construction schedule seems even later than last year, so the box office inside the stadium is of course, unapproachable.

Konta also 'debuted' on the banner photos.

Walkway on the east side(can watch crts 1,2,4) opened today, but instead the west side was closed, which was opened yesterday(court 7-9).
I see more securities this year.

Already so hot, can't imagine how hotter it'll get during EB.

Dunno what happened on the match Hradecka vs Ryngler, they weren't on the court.

Chang vs Liu

Dunno who won, but Liu was leading. Just watched a bit mid-match in the 1st.

Sanchez def. Isaeva

Isaeva's forehand is really powerful(made some spectacular winners). But had problem reacting to Maria's variety, etc. Probably the first match to finish.

MLDB def. KK

KK's condition seemed good, slices and all. So probably could harass MLDB. Relentlessly approached the net with good half volleys, but eventually got passed. Again, just a glimpse here and there. 2nd last match to finish.

Kratzer def. Thunder

Last match to finish. Ashley too good. Dictated most points. And could create angles at will, that was impressive. Also attempted variety such as drop shot. Couldn't really watch much though, because of the marquee match below;

Sanford def. Kenin

Sofia's condition didn't seem too good, was rather sluggish especially defensively; allowed tons of winners. When I saw only attempted two drop shots, and failed both times. In fact Alex made a drop shot winner later.
Alex I thought had trouble handling low balls by Sofia, and DFed some, but was just the better and more powerful player today. Could reasonably move well to return Sofia's knifing drives painting the sidelines; some of those points ended in Sofia's errors. Bh, as usual, powerful, even scored some outright service return winners.

Next, marquee match round of 16 naturally should be Kratzer vs MLDB. Should have a peek on Hradecka/Ryngler vs Chang/Liu if possible.

Male Brewer's Blackbird just approached me on the lawn.
Big Morongo in the morning, not bad, not many species though, but it was to be expected. Two other birders arrived later.  Nice to see Ladder-backed Woodpecker, Verdin, White-breasted Nuthatch, Phainopepla, etc.
Morongo side of Covington Park was especially productive; even found a Great-Horned Owl nesting on a big tree).
Should try to bird earlier(which means, dawn lol. Mission Creek Trail seems good for the Black-throated Sparrow) and further afield tomorrow to spot Black-throated Sparrow. Pacific/Winter Wren was reported not long ago. Not sure I heard a Virginia's Rail(or is this reported at Thousand Palms).

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