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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

2017 IW Q Day 2 3/7 recaps

Just found out that I spotted 100 species this month;

Los Angeles, California3571920
Orange, California169920
San Diego, California165910
Riverside, California1134545
San Bernardino, California673534
Imperial, California645959

Met Joseph, he wasn't at ITF RSF so was glad to at least see him here.

Watched a bit of Bouchard vs Kuzzy. Not many woman matches today so roved a lot, checking the practice courts.

Then watched Collins vs Watson.

C's drop shot. When I watched Collins against Dolehide at ITF RSF, thought her drives had lots of spin; so thought those might be punished, but today against Watson, flat enough. Did I see it wrong or what lol. Anyway, aggressive as usual, produced winners. Drive volley as usual painted the sidelines. Watson served well.

Chirico and Siniakova practiced together(couldn't watch the match though, probably had to watch other real matches).

'Reformed? brat' passed me by. Nobody seemed to notice/hassle her, although she is notorious for..haha. Haven't seen her in person so looking forward to her match against Kovinic(another ITF Rancho Mirage? graduate), to see 'various aspect' of her performance lol.

MJMS! Nice to see her again. Of course looking forward to her doubles match.

Kasatkina drop shot, Beck lob.

Get Well Petra (Kvitty) sign was put up behind PC2, so many fans wrote on it. But the pic itself was...I don't recognize her face lol. Anyway hope for her speedy recovery and comeback.

Watched Minella vs Martincova, pretty even. Was impressed with Martincova(against Broady and today Minella), not sure I've seen her before.

Alves spotted again.

MDM drop shot. I thought Sakkari was the more aggressive player(after watching the start of 1st set), but obviously MDM could return lots of those. And her counterattacks were sharp enough I guess.

Barthel's face looks 'clean' now? Too far so couldn't really make it out lol(I always sit farthest from the court, for a 'commanding' view). Anyway was disappointed in her lackluster performance yesterday against Sanchez, she was almost pushing then. Not much different today either, altough she was consistent enough.

Was that Shino at Loeb vs Peng match(the benefit of GIZZ birding! It means birding by general impression).
Loeb was not bad at all, errors were mostly her trying to hit aggressively(watched from the 2nd set). But P was just too good. Loeb served well, but P aced as well.
Loeb's defence could be better methinks. Bad habit of lobbing, those might've worked at college but here, would be punished. Methinks Barthel lobbed better(deeper). L's angled bhs, hit with aggressive intent but usually sank it into the net.

So that was Dodin? I thought she was quite skinny? My impression from TF posts, never seen her before, but she wasn't skinny at all(nice workout?). And who practiced with her? Not familiar with her face. That girl(dark hair) served pretty well.

Barthel vs Rodina, like both so watched some. B's drop shot was effective. Her serve was rather weak so was punished by R.

Gulbis told the ballkid to sit down. Couldn't spot Laura. Bublik had quite a flair.

Dodin's aggresive serve return.

Who was practicing at court 9? (She sure wasn't Ram! Only that name flashed on the screen there)

Watched a bit of Rublev vs Whittington match. R's hair is different. Aggressive as usual but sank a lot.

They had #NEXTGENATP showcase at the stage, accidentally passed it by on the way to the bathroom. Dunno the names of Khachanov? and Medvedev, so maybe should have a peek? Fritz, Coric, Kozlov I saw them already, so..(who was the other one, Opelka?)

Kudla was greeted by..was that Higueras.

Rublev's touch was ok, volley, etc.

Sam said he saw Bellis during WTA Carlsbad, didn't know she was there.

'GroundsPass' Markus spotted, later he was seen wearing his usual straw hat.

Another ITF RM or RED graduate Kostova; could attack the lines. Was quite aggressive, putting Schiavone on the defensive. S, 'bwahee' as usual, bh was sharp, etc.
A player watched this, was that the same girl who practice against Dodin.
Only watched a couple of games in the..was that the start of 2nd set. Later went again but somebody was waiting for the trainer(that was when K was trailing 0-3 in the 3rd), so just left.

Oh Davenport was seen with Keys. Now Davenport is the symbol of So. Cal tennis; Big babe tennis. Which school represent that tradition; UCLA or USC.

Rinaldi spotted again, going where; to watch Crawford?

Tig's serve return and serve seemed good. The match seemed quite even between those two, Tig and Boserup(just watched a bit of the 3rd).

Davis practiced twice today, with Doi.

Woz; has she ever had a practice match at IW? Not sure..

Tig drop shot winner.

Linette drop shot winner(watched the later 2nd). Linette's side was really loud, clapped loudly, Safina had nothing on them haha(as I mentioned she clapped Kalinina's fine plays during ITF RSF). So Hibino's side responded in kind lol(although not as loudly as them!).  Another great match by Hibino. Probably the best match of the day. Not sure I've seen Hibino before, but she's damn impresive, can attack so sharply.

Action of the day; Alves was watching the above match not far from me, then walked over me to the opposite side of the baseline; then was seen going down to court 8. There she was struggling to fix the loosened WTA logo on the net!

Spotted the Kenins at the picnic lawn area.

Witnessed Pirru's excellent football trapping skills.

Hingis practice court(doubles) 5, crowded.

Kyrgios was practicing with Tomljanovic? Never seen that before, ATF player practicing with WTA player, that surely was refreshing.

Whom did Rogers hug(coach?).

Nole fans(that t shirt) came by to watch Vekic vs Cirstea practice match and took selfies with the stick lol.

Kontaveit's defense was pretty good(watched from 5-0 2nd set K lead). Thunder then began to dictate, quite effectively, wonder why she didn't do it before. So won the next 2 games.

Did Linette shout 'adje'?!! Tiebreak was decided by Hibino's errors, mostly sailed a bit long. Heck of a match.

TT big as usual.

TRN website access  was denied(on my Fire) because of content; gambling lol, probably an error.

Planned Parenthood picketing was going on, on my way to the car.

Whew finished at 10:44pm, straight to sleep. Gotto do dawn birding at Thousand Palms tomorrow, so no time to waste.


Anonymous said...

Kyrgios is dating Tomlaajhksjhaskhfa that's why they likely practiced together.

fan said...

Thanks, did not know that! Still refreshing.