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Friday, March 24, 2017

2017 ITF ISC G18 3/23 recap

Forgot to mention this but that Black Dog(pet of the 'Legend') seems to be alive and well lol.
Yesterday coach Brown joined Sampras-Webster to watch Bolton matches. They also watched Douglas match; is Ellie also going to become a Bruin? That'll be the nail in the coffin for the Trojans lol.

I do need to ask them about that NYT? article on USTA snatching elite college(or college-bound) players; it mentioned Brady, I believe. They're competitors, really, USTA and college. Competing for the limited rescources(elite players).
Any sport need stars to boost its popularity. And stars, are NOT coming to college; just look at the class of 2017. Bellis, Day, Swan already chose pro lol. Kingsley from the class of 2016 also decided to turn pro.
I wonder if Caro Dolehide is also going to forego UCLA. Now that'll raise some alarm bells(from UCLA)!

Also about Xepoleas vs McPhillips match, at the SW Regional. I missed that, so am curious how the match went(it was a blowout score). Kyle is such a good defensive player she rarely suffers blowouts. The one I remember is her losing to Brady at ISC or something.
Also Xepoleas vs Chi, the deciding #6 match at Marks, missed that too because I had to do pelagic birding with Pasadena Audubon members lol. Should ask coach Augustus about this one.
See, Kyle is Pac 12 singles champ and NCAA MVP. Lynn is NCAA singles finalist.
So you can imagine my utter dismay and incredulity seeing Meredith 'languishing' at #6 lol. What were they THINKING, I have absolutely no idea! Neither do I care to find out. All I can think of, is STACKING, for an immediate short term gain, sacrificing the long term future(they're NOT going to recruit any more elite hitters after this debacle, eh? How are they going to 'catch up' with the likes of Stanford and UCLA?)!

Colette was seen quitting the venue at 5:57pm, probably to finish that TRN article on doubles(probably sent in already though?).

Scores from ITF;


3rd Round
Taylor JOHNSON (USA) [1] 6-3 6-2 Georgia DRUMMY (IRL)

Both are lefties. D's firepower could certainly discomfit SJ when I had a peek in the early 1st.

Dominique SCHAEFER (PER) [12] 6-4 6-0 Hailey BAPTISTE (USA) [7]

Emiliana ARANGO (COL) [3] 6-3 7-5 Salma EWING (USA)

USC watched this. Only came to see this match at the very last game. Crt 17 match.

Hurricane Tyra BLACK (USA) [11] 6-4 6-2 Alexa NOEL (USA)

Pretty much watched the whole match.
Noel's errors cost her the match. Serve and volleyed but success rate wasn't too high, sank lots of volleys. Not only volley errors, her fh was AWOL yesterday.

And her passivity is certainly a limitation. Against Subhash and also Black, allowed many winners(and Black isn't even a particularly offensive player). She does like to rally, to construct points and such. Noel is an elite defender, but she needs to be more offensively-minded if she wants to attain higher level. Well she's still young anyway, so we'll see.

Elysia BOLTON (USA) [9] 6-3 6-3 Annette GOULAK (USA)

Annette seems to have beefed up her game, or that her condition was quite good. Serve and drives, had enough pace to harass Elysia. Elysia again showed her good defense.

Amanda MEYER (USA) [14] 6-3 4-6 6-3 Ellie DOUGLAS (USA) [4]

Was concentrating on Noel vs Black, so couldn't really watch much, but as I predicted, Amanda scored an upset. Not really an upset, FYI. Amanda is older(class of 2017), and she really is an elite hitter.

Nicole MOSSMER (USA) [10] 6-4 1-6 6-4 Caty MCNALLY (USA) [6]

Well, what did you expect, Caty lol. In agony, about the calls and missing routine shots(overhead, etc). The better player, but Nicole's gets were insane; thus the long rallies. Nicole loves to moonball, always has, but here's a catch; she'll attack weak responses from those, by either drop shotting or driving sharply.
Couldn't really watch much though. USC(no wonder) and UCLA coaches watched this.

Carson BRANSTINE (CAN) [2] 6-2 6-3 Vanessa ONG (USA) [16]

Car's serve too good, Ong couldn't return. Ong seems to be a good hitter though. Could even vie with Peyton for the best hitter of her class of 2020?


1st Round
Carson BRANSTINE (CAN) / Ellie DOUGLAS (USA) [1] 6-1 6-2 Victoria EMMA (USA) / Mccartney KESSLER (USA)
Addison GUEVARA (USA) / Sara TSUKAMOTO (USA) 7-6(10) 6-2 Nikki REDELIJK (USA) / Katie VOLYNETS (USA)

Annette GOULAK (USA) / Dominique SCHAEFER (PER) 6-3 6-3 Jordan HARRIS (USA) / Alyssa MAYO (USA)

Missed this, upper court.

Hailey BAPTISTE (USA) / Lea MA (USA) [6] 7-6(2) 6-3 Tiffany LAGARDE (CAN) / Alexandra VAGRAMOV (CAN)

This as well, ugh, I needed to watch the foreigners(since they're not playing EB)...oh well, at least I saw them play singles.

Taylor JOHNSON (USA) / Ann LI (USA) [3] 6-1 6-3 Alexa BUTERA (USA) / Sabina DADACIU (USA)

Butera wasn't bad at all, actually.

Georgia DRUMMY (IRL) / Mei Xu WU (CHN) 4-6 6-4 [10-8] Alexa NOEL (USA) / Charlotte OWENSBY (USA)

Practically watched the whole 1st set before heading to lower courts(watched till 4-4 or something). Court 9, so limited view.
She doesn't look like it but Alexa's defense is insane lol. And those passes. Charlotte does everything well. So they led 3-0 methinks, but then Georgia woke up lol. So from then on it was like a duel between those two aces, Alexa vs Georgia. Georgia poached well.

Jessie Jiaxin GONG (CAN) / Luba VASILYUK (USA) 6-0 6-3 Jennifer GADALOV (USA) / Jessi MULJAT (USA)
Hurricane Tyra BLACK (USA) / Imani GRAHAM (USA) [7] 6-3 6-1 Niluka MADURAWE (USA) / Shelly YALOZ (USA)
Emiliana ARANGO (COL) / Elizabeth MANDLIK (USA) [5] 6-3 6-3 Abigail FORBES (USA) / Chloe HAMLIN (USA)
Sophia GRAVER (USA) / Grace JOYCE (USA) 7-5 6-3 Jimena RODRIGUEZ-BENITO (USA) / Alexandra TUTECKY (CAN)
Salma EWING (USA) / Peyton STEARNS (USA) Walkover Marcella CRUZ (USA) / Elvina KALIEVA (USA) Elysia BOLTON (USA) / Nicole MOSSMER (USA) [4] 6-1 6-0 Hikaru SATO (JPN) / Rhea VERMA (IND)
Chloe BECK (USA) / Victoria FLORES (USA) 6-0 7-5 Dalayna HEWITT (USA) / Marlee ZEIN (USA) [8]

Malkia MENGUENE (USA) / Alana SMITH (USA) 6-3 6-4 Natsumi KAWAGUCHI (JPN) / Amanda MEYER (USA)

Court 5 but couldn't really watch what with other doubles matches ongoing.

Ariana ARSENEAULT (CAN) / Vanessa ONG (USA) 7-6(3) 6-4 Victoria HU (USA) / Gabriella PRICE (USA)
Caty MCNALLY (USA) / Natasha SUBHASH (USA) [2] 6-1 6-1 Margaryta BILOKIN (UKR) / Anhzelika ISAEVA (RUS)

2nd Round
Carson BRANSTINE (CAN) / Ellie DOUGLAS (USA) [1] 6-1 6-2 Addison GUEVARA (USA) / Sara TSUKAMOTO (USA)

Only could watch a bit, too bad.

Annette GOULAK (USA) / Dominique SCHAEFER (PER) 4-6 6-2 [10-6] Hailey BAPTISTE (USA) / Lea MA (USA) [6]

Last match so was able to watch after Beck/Flores lost. Hailey committed errors but she probably lost the ace battle against Domi. Domi was more sharper, targeting the sidelines, and had fewer lapses. Lots of good defensive plays yesterday, and B/M also returned Annette's attacks well.

Taylor JOHNSON (USA) / Ann LI (USA) [3] 6-2 6-0 Georgia DRUMMY (IRL) / Mei Xu WU (CHN)

Court 14, but had to watch Beck/Flores match at the Stadium.

Hurricane Tyra BLACK (USA) / Imani GRAHAM (USA) [7] 4-6 6-1 [10-3] Jessie Jiaxin GONG (CAN) / Luba VASILYUK (USA)

Court 2, so could watch fairly a lot, mostly 1st set. Luba was quite good. Imani again had trouble returning serve, and Black DFed some.

Emiliana ARANGO (COL) / Elizabeth MANDLIK (USA) [5] 6-4 6-4 Sophia GRAVER (USA) / Grace JOYCE (USA)

A/M's defense was insane. Didn't know Elli was such a good defender, flawless at net. Grace needs to practice her volley finishes, it was abysmal haha, but in the 2nd her low drives were causing enough damage. And, did not know Sophia was this good. Good aggressive plays, drives, poaching..naturally complimented her after the match!

Salma EWING (USA) / Peyton STEARNS (USA) 6-4 5-7 [11-9] Elysia BOLTON (USA) / Nicole MOSSMER (USA) [4]

Had to leave in the 2nd set to watch Beck/Flores doubles, but as I said, Peyton officially is the best hitter from the class of 2020.

It's not just about raw power. With a mere flick of the wrist, she can dismantle the defense with ease. Almost looks like Kylie McKenzie level.
The ability to produce pace effortlessly, to maintain the pace without breaking down; that is the ultimate skillset, not 'cute(as Corswandt likes to say)' things like drop shot. She won rallies against Elysia(Elysia eventually making drive errors), for example(Peyton's serve could be a liability though, DFed at set point or something, and her 2nd serve was also weak so got pounced by Elysia).

Salma made a lot of errors, but even she woke up later on, began to play more wisely, cranking up the pace at opportune movements, drawing errors.
Nicole's volley finishes weren't too good in this match.

Malkia MENGUENE (USA) / Alana SMITH (USA) 6-2 5-7 [10-8] Chloe BECK (USA) / Victoria FLORES (USA)

I had MAJOR trouble entering this venue. The guard even lied, saying that the route wasn't connected to the stadium. So complained to the desk and the staff produced the 'magic key' to the 'illusive haunt', guest pass lol. Thanks to her, finally could enter the stadium(I actually have been there, at 2010 Carson WTA. Was is Vera Z match or Vika match, can't remember).

2nd set, and Chloe was trying to be like KK lol, trying to poach at every opportunity haha, lots of it misfired. Aggressive mindset like Price, trying to pass at every opportunity, but again, M/S's defense was insane.
So Flores had to show Chloe how its done lol. She also made errors, but their combined aggression finally managed to pierce M/S's rock-like defense, passing, etc. Chloe's bh was strong, and she could also keep the ball in play.

So Chloe was serving for the match at 8-7 lead at match TB, then she choked. DFed, then made errors to concede the match.
I never thought she was a choker, in fact the opposite of it, seeing her in clutch time at EB? against the Baptiste team(with Navarro).  Well, a good lesson I guess :)

Oh a surprise bird yesterday was an American Kestrel! Heard chirping overhead so looked up, and there it was, on top of the lighting pole! Good find :)

Caty MCNALLY (USA) / Natasha SUBHASH (USA) [2] 6-1 6-3 Ariana ARSENEAULT (CAN) / Vanessa ONG (USA)

Only could watch the last few games or so, too bad(court 8). M/S just too good. Oh Chloe you could've vied with Caty today had you not chocked..haha.

8:14! What to do now. Local birder John Thomlinson reported Wilson's Snipe at CSU Dominguez Hill, but exactly where? Should I roam around(Bullock's Oriole too, haven't seen it yet this year)...

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