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Saturday, March 4, 2017

3/4 Birding

Probably spent more than 6 hrs birding today, 3 hrs equally between Mission Creek Preserve and Big Morongo. I may have heard a Black-throated Sparrow, but couldn't actually see it, blast. Surprise find was a swift(White-throated? But didn't see any whites on the was too far though) riding the hill to the east at MCP. Also a Ladder-backed Woodpecker.  Took a close-up pic of the gorgeous purple gorget of male adult Costa's Hummer.
That's about it. No unusual species at Morongo either, failed to spot the Pacific Wren.

Fed up with those spots lol and now onto more eastern area; first Salton Sea tomorrow, should be a long day. Top priority is of course that rare BLACK-HEADED GULL(blast, Laughing Gull was spotted there last month), then wonder if I can spot a Yellow-footed Gull as well.

Also Sandhill Crane, Stilt Sandpiper, American Bittern, Burrowing Owl, Common Ground Dove, Inca Dove, Abert's Towhee..Harris's Sparrow was spotted at the Headquarter some while ago, but already spotted it at Thompson Creek Trail(LA County, no less!), so..

During IW, should naturally bird Thousand Palms almost every day. If I can't spot that Black-throated Sparrow there either lol, the last resort would be Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains NM Visitor Center, which I've been once before. Thankfully it's quite near to IWTG, so all the more better.

Here's to hope, for some good finds, a migrant/vagrant like that Townsend's Solitaire a year ago.

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