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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Birding this month

From ebird
  State/ProvinceLifeYear Month
Los Angeles, California36019771 
Orange, California17611788 
San Diego, California165910 
Riverside, California1145151 
San Bernardino, California673534 
Imperial, California635858

Poor birding so far in LA county because I traveled a lot, as you see lol. I said I was curious I could spot 200 species by February lol. By birding OC this month, again widened the gap against SD county! 176 to 165.

Altogether spotted 234 species this year. LA life bird 360. Total, 387. Now if I can bird Tennessee or Georgia I can definitely top 400 lol. But is it 'feasible'?  Can somebody provide me a free lodging there?! How about tournament tickets. If it's Ojai I can 'rely' on Steve lol, but..

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