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Friday, March 3, 2017

Briefly on USC recruiting

I'll just write briefly, can't bother to write more, too tired now what with intensive birding lol.

What big elite hitter in their right mind will choose USC after the Xepoleas disaster? You'll be relegated to #6 for cheap wins(that was a typical short-term winning plan, sacrificing a long-term one. The player who had the most potential playing #6 two seasons in a row, no words). How can playing #6 prepare for upper positions?

And, has USC 'benefited' from USTA? Nada. Zilch. Aside from the disaster concerning the USO MD doubles WC(KK/Sabs); aren't Crawford and Day USTA kids. Royally fucked 3 times in a row. Can't expect anything from there, obviously. Did USC aim too high in the first place, targeting Crawford and Day? Who knows.

But from where? Stanford dominates the native California talents(or UCLA. USC even loses against Duke).
UCLA and UNC have solid pipelines on the tennis mecca, the Midwest.
Even Pepperdine is winning the game against USC(Hanna Chang, Ashley Lahey).

Probably USC will continue to get so-so native So. Cal I said, looks quite grim here. Not sure there's a future.

The tragedy for USC is, they are competing with mega recruiting powerhouses Stanford and UCLA, which are their in-state 'rivals'.  They always have been a solid team, but no more. Not winning the recruiting, which really is all that matters in the college game.

And why is it so? Why do all elite hitters 'avoid' USC(Xepoleas being the exception, and they royally fucked that chance)? Why, indeed?

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