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Friday, March 31, 2017

Closing this blog

That guy, Baptiste's father just took a picture of me. And taunted me.

So went to that woman who was in charge at the desk(not Marylynn, shorter one and a more blond hair, maybe wore sunglasses) to complain but all I got was a warning. She mentioned taking pics or filming. I discontinued the practice like 2/3 years ago lol. What the heck is she talking about, the hell I know. Are birds, players???!!

And she said I can't say 'negative things' about minors. All I did was ridicule his dad lol. Wait, maybe he is a minor....????!!
Now, I admit I do make fun of iPetty, wonder he's a minor as well? Lol.

I mean, whatever. Can't bother. I just can't justify the energy, time and expense I'm spending to cover this event, when I'm getting continuously harassed by a deranged parent. Evidently he can do anything he wants, including kicking me and threatening me, following me around(He said he'll be watching me: and he sure did!), even taking a picture of me, and I can't do a THING about it. That, was basically her 'decree'!!
Just don't feel safe anymore. So, outta here, and I'm not going to cover any kind of junior tennis, ever. In fact, I think I'm not going to cover any kind of tennis events at all lol.

So, can't bother to post recaps today,  Going home. And to safety.
It's migration time anyway, so I'll just from now on, concentrate on 'harassing' the birds!


Anonymous said...

Please don't close your blog. I just discovered your blog. I like that you highlight more obscure players. As a parent, I understand some of the concerns raised. You're wondering why a strange man is so interested in your child's match especially if your child is a minor girl. There must be some way that you can get "press/media" badge to allay fears and people know that you're just writing about tennis. Maybe a college coach or more can vouch for you as well as the tennis parents that do know you. I don't know why you do it when it costs you so much time and $$ but it's nice as well as educational to read an objective opinion on junior tennis. Yes tennis parents are intense and protective. A suggestion would be to introduce yourself to the parent(s). You sacrifice your anonymity but protect your integrity. Definitely introduce yourself to every Tournament Director so they know who you are. Or hand a parent a "business card" giving your blog's address and that you're observing. Colette and Ken will vouch for you. You could write about the many negative things that do go on but you don't. Just remember why you started the blog in the first place and know that you have readers that appreciate what you do. I'm hopeful that you won't allow a few parents who don't get it to ruin this blog. Remember there are parents who would love you to cover their juniors' tennis play. Good luck to you. I hope to see you again at another HQ junior tennis event. Best wishes.

fan said...

Thanks for your appreciation but you don't get it. I didn't even watch Baptiste play for any extended time this tournament! I've already explained the use of my bino.
Now, Ms. Kuhle saw me a LOT. At the tournament desk, when I went there to check the OOP. She saw me chatting other umpires and media representative. Heck, she later came by yesterday me watching G16 2 doubles matches, stood right next to me, to 'observe' what I was doing. I was watching the match and busily inputting infos on my phone, my thumb was continuously moving lol.
And that was her 'verdict'. Parroting arrant nonsense and brooking no discussion at all. She believed that deranged parent wholeheartedly, and 'sternly' warned me. She didn't WANT to hear my argument, at ALL! I complained that the guy was continuously harassing me, but she interrupted me brusquely!!! LOL. The experience was utterly surreal.
You said you dunno why I spend so much time and money covering event. I wonder too, especially after receiving this kind of unfair treatment, even from a tournament director. Now when I had similar incidents a while ago at the start of this blogging, some guys from the tournament, Calabasas and Laguna Niguel, tried to calm me down(I was of course very upset after receiving those harassments) and explain their position. Rationally. I accepted their apology and moved on. The opposite of what Ms. Kuhle did to me.
I mean I had received an invitation from now defunct SAP to cover the event(too far so had to decline). I regularly receive emails about nearby Futures tournament. I'm 'familiar' with pro umpires Asderaki, Alves, etc. This kind of crazy incident AND the unfair treatment by the director, I just can't 'persevere' against it any more. I've had it. Sorry, but if Ms. Kuhle showed a SHRED of rationality and discretion, I would've relented. 'The ball' is on HER side, not me. Not going to do a thing about it. Apparently I'm on her Blacklist for whatever reason, so fine. Since she didn't LISTEN ME ONE BIT, why should I even bother further??
Thank you all for your kind messages and encouragements. I did get to know a lot of very nice and kind people. I'll cherish it. But it's just not enough to offset this kind of craziness. If the tournament director can't guarantee my safety, my basic rights as a human being, there's really no further point of doing what I've been doing. I'll just have to accept that THAT IS TENNIS, and step down.

fan said...

I had a similar experience with Darren Potkey when I complained via email after getting harassed by Krems' dad and another tall woman at Calabasas. He was also brusque, warning me. But he doesn't touch me anymore.
Later had a similar incident at the National. I even had my bag stolen. Now, nobody is touching me there. Umpires come to chat with me. One even offered a referee t shirt.

The guy at Calabasas gently suggested that I take a hiatus covering junior tennis. One year. Saw thought it reasonable,also to protect myself from the craziness lol. Followed his advice.

Now, I think I'll take a hiatus indefinitely. Director Kuhle said she 'read' my blog and that I was treading on dangerous grounds lol. What am I to do to convince her otherwise? She didn't listen to me AT ALL, so why bother at all??!

fan said...

Since I was traumatized(I am a victim here lol, not Baptiste and his crazy dad!!!):

I'm laying my terms. It's either me, or Baptiste's dad/director Kuhle. I just don't feel safe. I'm not going to cover EB, unless she steps down, and he's banned. And even if this term is satisfied, not going there any time soon. I'm absolutely sick of this insanity. I'm done.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the best solution is. I will try to get some parents to write in on your behalf. It must be the blonde lady. I'm sorry this happened to you. There are so intense parents out there but I guess it's overlooked if your child is a (rising) star. H Baptiste didn't deserve the sportsmanship award. Seems like a political move to give her more media awareness.