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Friday, March 31, 2017

Crazy parents] Baptiste's dad

Forgot that Wi-Fi is still working (excellent).

He's a fucking psycho. Not only he totally misunderstood what I was doing(education problem! he said I was taking pics of her: I only take pics of birds, man!! Don't even have a camera with me), he actually kicked me on the foot way harder than Day's dad lol(can this be classed as an assault, or would it be too sissy on my part lol)and threatened me.

Funny thing is that I didn't even watch her play, just a glimpse, this tournament! And I don't even think she's pretty lol, I only appreciated her versatility(am I too mean here? I think not).

Just like that Laguna Niguel director(forgot his name, whatever), Mr. Spearman.

Bozo, boor, brute, bully, bastard, there must be more b-word to describe this guy's crazy behaviour lol.

Maybe I should boycott watching all TCCP player lol(is that her club).

This kind of craziness puts me away from tennis. Crazy parents, crazy players(like Shvedova at IW), crazy ITA that's killing doubles, crazy coaches stacking and killing talents..maybe I should just stop watching this crazy and dying, cheating sport altogether and solely concentrate on birding(doesn't this niche spot need every fan they can get? Am I not a decent 'advocate' and 'advertiser'?). I mean, why even bother? I've seen pretty much everybody play anyway.
There of course are many kind souls, those psychos might be an exception, but these kind of incidents still really discourages me.

I should have a pep talk with SJ, apologizing to her for not being able to watch her play singles, and demand that she absolutely crush Baptiste in an hour lol. Today's mission, SJ! No mercy whatsoever!!!  Can ya do it.  :) Do your Ninja thing! You have my absolute blessing.

Maybe I should just go home after today, still really upset. That guy again followed me lol and threatened me again, saying he's watching me. Now who's a paparazzi, an obsessive and a pervert?! He was even seen spreading calumny about me, just like Krems's dad? at Calabasas!
Freaking hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you had to endure that insanity. The behavior is a pattern going on for years, but no governing body will address it. The girl behaves the same way as parents off court. Stay away. Bad, bad news!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like there will be drama wherever this dad goes. Wonder what ruckus he'll cause at either the pro or college tournies.

Know that you did nothing wrong. And thanks for covering tennis these past years!

Anonymous said...

There are always those outliers in sports, especially parents who drive their kids trying to live their lives through their kids like Timea Bacsinszky' s father on WTA. Life is full of those personalitieS and one cannot let them get away with it. You really provide a GREAT blog in an area of tennis which is overlooked. Persevere. THANK YOU.