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Monday, March 27, 2017

Doubles; Williams sisters and Nadal

The sisters should be commended on their dedication to doubles. They played together as long as they can. And doubles is a perfect fan service, no. Venus at IW one day practiced at a very accessible pc 15, another great fan service. I can't believe Bellis was more elusive than Venus..haha.

ATP stars all played doubles at IW, unlike WTA stars. Also commendable.

And Nadal. Have you seen the doubles match at IW last year, against he Brian brothers? I was just comfortably watching on the floor at the tent area near stadium 2, and the crowd was totally glued on the match. Oooh and aahed at every great plays and mistakes(that mishit at the net by the Spanish colleague of Nadal lol. ATP players' skillset is overrated, they also commit WTF errors).

Nadal was DEAD serious. He really wanted to win. He obviously did NOT think the doubles was a mere appetizer lol.

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