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Friday, March 24, 2017

Group of Death; 2017 EB G16 Doubles 4th quarter

Exactly the LOWER half of 4th quarter;



Upper half, Gallagher/Taggart.

Interesting 1st rd match would be Despain/Guevara vs Christensen/Seidlin. Wonder how Elle would perform against those elite doubles players. Can she dismantle their defense with her fab drives?

1st quarter, ABC/Pursell is a DARK horse. Britt just was G16 ISC finalist with Rachel Wagner.

Oh and Hayer is also playing, teamed up with Cayetano, both are proven doubles elites. Could do some major damage, so not a kind draw for the 1st seed Crowley/Tran.

G16 should be really exciting; frankly ISC G16 players were too young haha. Really looking forward to this division.

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