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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I think I'll attend EB after all

After an hour of bodily assault by the masseuse, feel alive again lol(felt like lead in the morning!).
I thought it was raining so didn't bother to drive down there, but according to Colette 1st matches were finished without delay? Damn. But rain is definitely scheduled around 3pm, and by that time doubles might've started? Car/Douglas have a tough match against the future Gators lol, I wouldn't be surprised if they lost.

Anyway, although Car, Glozman, Kowalski etc. withdrew, many younger players who aren't playing ISC are participating, such as Crowley(Ok. St. recruit), Blake, Kourkina, Gallagher, Navarro, Tran, Hrastar, Goldsmith(TAMU recruit), ABC, Christensen, Despain, Crawley, Taggart, Yelamanchili, Kelly, Wiersholm, Broadus, etc..

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