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Saturday, March 11, 2017

I'm alive

Despite the only rest area being closed, fought desperately against sleep and saftely arrived home (curse those responsible for maintaining those rest areas. There's ALWAYS one closed on the way).

Had the worst day during IW yesterday because I had a headache. Couldn't bear it any longer so even sought medical assistance at the First Aid area. Thanks for the asian guy who cared for me(two cold towels, 2 Advils, one Gatorade bottle), and also for the elderly black volunteer who kindly gave me a cold paper towel when he saw me struggling behind stadium 9.  The water at the restrooms was too warm so had to pour cold water from the fountain on my head.

So could not really watch any of the later evening matches including Djoker's and Chirico's(didn't even attempt to fight my way into stadium 3 to see Wawrinka doubles either lol, I just did not have the energy. I did watch Stefan's 2 games in the later 1st fighting the headache). At least I've seen Louisa play but didn't even see Djoker once, it's like visiting this area including Big Morongo and not spotting a Vermilian Flycatcher lol. Oh well, maybe next time.

No rest for the weary(at least I had a good night's sleep, and the headache is gone now); off to spot Dusky-capped Flycatcher and Yellow-footed Gull at LA river(both MEGA rarieties here!) before heading to UCLA to watch Cal. doubles(especially Jansen).

So I'll write yesterday's IW recap in the evening or something.

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