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Thursday, March 30, 2017

USC fucking it up] Killing Xepoleas

Hey I'm just following Bill O'Reilly's sensational book titles lol.

Meredith Xepoleas was a proud product of So. Cal's tradition, Big Babe tennis. Effortless huge drives. Not much variety but good tennis IQ as well. Had an elite junior career, for example defeating Golovin and McCarthy en route to reaching EB G16 singles final(lost to Brooke Broda).

Was also a rival of Claire Liu. Methinks they met 3 times, Meredith winning 2 of them. Loss was a 3-set affair I believe. Meredith beat Liu fair and square, by outhitting her. Outhitting Claire Liu. You know that very few players can do that, right? Others I can think of is Kylie McKenzie and Alaina Miller(Alaina won a set from Liu at EB, by outhitting her. The reason why she's one of my favorite players lol. When she's on, she's unstoppable; she can produce monstrous pace and angles). Jess Failla also defeated Liu but it was by pushing, and passing on Liu's net approaches, totally different.

I've mentioned Meredith's legendary match against Lucie Hradecka at IW PQ. Did not get blitzed. In fact it was one of the last PQ matches that day to finish lol. It was so tense, that Hradecka complained that I was making noise by peeling an 

Meredith's drives could hurt Hradecka. Think about that. They were clobbering each other...! Now compare Scandalis getting absolutely humiliated against Erakovic at Carlsbad WTA. It was so easy peasy that Erakovic was having a laugh with her coaches mid-match lol. You do know that Hradecka hits a bigger ball than Erakovic, right?

Now, this super talent comes to USC. Of course I thought she would be the next Lindsey Nelson(consecutive NCAA singles finalist). Advanced to Regional semifinals, routing Kyle McPhillips, that Kyle, who was Pac 12 singles winner defeating Hardebeck in the final, and NCAA MVP. I wasn't there so dunno how it went. Maybe Kyle was rusty from injury or something, who knows. Should quiz UCLA coaches about this match.

Anyhow, I arrived next day to watch her semi match against Scandalis.

Watching that match, it was obvious who was the more talented player. Zoe just managed to weather it out.

Now, which dual position did she play. #6 lol, #6. I couldn't believe my eyes! What was the logic of the decision, the hell I know. It's not like USC is loaded with talent like Stanford or Florida! I suspect absolute stacking to ensure an easy win, but who can say?

Anyhow Meredith won a deciding match against NCAA singles finalist Lynn Chi, who maybe was rusty from injury. I was absent that day to do Pelagic birding with Audubon members lol. So should ask Cal. coaches about this match, as well.

And you know her record in that position, right? Of course she won a whole bunch. I didn't even have to watch her matches. Why should I? She didn't belong there in the first place lol.

Ojai, the same. I mean of course she won Invitational, defeating Fleming in the final. Again, she didn't belong there. She should've competed in the 'big league', MD.

You know what happened against Vandy at NCAA semi, right? Meredith's seniors all lost, Zoe got blitzed against Altick, Westby as well against Colton(Campbell was serving for the match against Sabs). So what was the point of Meredith playing #6?

Now, I thought next season Meredith would surely ascend to upper position lol. I was rudely disabused of that silly notion! Stayed at #6, behind two freshmen, Failla and Valdes. Those two pushers. Couldn't believe my eyes. Just couldn't understand the logic, again, at all! Thought it won't end well, and I was proven right.

I dunno what happened behind the scenes. Maybe Meredith wasn't into it any more, had motivational problem, or a secret injury, or whatever. I really hope she dramatizes her 'USC experience' some day. We need to know.

Trying to beat those pushers at #6, and trading winners with the elite hitters at 1 and 2, totally different, no? So why should USC 'waste' Meredith at #6? Why? To soothe some fucking egos?

Meredith even came a year early. Again, if you're going to waste her talent, why recruit her at all? She should've just gone to UCLA lol. I mean, Fleming is playing #2 now??

So for whatever reason, Meredith decided to call it quits. USC instantly lost a potential #1 player. Who can actually tread toe to toe in firepower against elite hitters.

Remember, Mad Westby who is similarly tall and a hard hitter like Meredith, is also struggling at USC. I heard she recently got a private lesson, not liking USC's coaching emphasizing on pushing.

You know what happend at Pepperdine during the NCAA 2nd rd. Failla got blitzed at #5. Valdes also struggled. Olmos was blitzed at #1. Katz lost to Milovanovic at #3 in 2 sets. Westby also got blitzed? Can't bother to check the scores again.

This season Katz played #1. That Katz, who was absolutely humiliated against Jen Brady during the Regionals. Katz definitely improved at USC. Hustled hard. Aggressive. But she's just not on the same class with other elite hitters. She's not Maegan Manasse, does not have the hardware.

USC lost to NTI regional against Auburn this year. Now, #40, ranked even behind Washington and Oregon, probably a record-low.

Let's say you're on TV. Naturally #1 singles will be televised. You do want an exciting match at that star position, no? Not scrambling all match to chase those bullets by the opponents lol. 'Image' problem right there. What will future stars think of USC if their 'star' players just..pushes lol. For example Failla was just too busy chasing those balls by Lahey at the Regional last Fall. Failla is playing #2 now.

Now, let's compare with UCLA. 'Even' Alaina Miller can outhit anybody at USC lol. Ena can blitz almost anybody in the league. Now comes Dolehide, who just defeated 3-time singles slam champ Dani Collins at ITF RSF. Helen Altick is no slouch, either.

So, imagine the absolute massacre should they play USC next season lol. Guaranteed 'TV match' taking mere 2 hours? Lol.

Just compare the recruiting between those 2 'rivals' from 2015 to 2018. From the Golden Class of 2017, UCLA got Dolehide. And they already recruited Elysia Bolton for 2018, who has defeated Kylie McKenzie at EB last year. Elysia almost defeated Car Branstine at ISC last week.

I'm not the only one who complained about USC's weak recruiting. There have been grumblings about it for years. So a disaster was waiting to happen, anyway.

So now you know why I keep saying that USC is fucked, that they have no future.

USO black comedy, now killing Xepoleas, so after these two glaring examples, what elite hitter in their right mind will even look at USC, eh??

If you can't recruit elite hitters, when state 'rivals' Stanford and UCLA are recruiting those EVERY year, what's the point of competing? As I said, should just pack it up??

I'm afraid the new coaching staff for USC will have a LOT of job to do. They will have to reassure and convince future star players, those elite hitters, that they won't KILL their talents, that they can actually take CARE of them. Beastly hard to accomplish, especially after those debacles.

As I said, I have no hope for USC. Hope I'm proven wrong, but the picture looks so bleak right now.

Finished writing this at 2:53am(had some good sleep in the evening!).


Anonymous said...

Kyle and Lynn were coming back and recovering from injuries.

fan said...

Please check their results that season and come back to me. If you haven't actually seen those matches, that is.

Anonymous said...

You can go confirm with the coaches and come back and confirm what I said above.