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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Noel's singles record against Blue Chips

From TRN

12/11/16A. Yepifanova ('21)6-2;6-4
12/4/16N. Redelijk6-4;6-2
11/21/16C. Branstine ('19)7-6(7);4-6;6-4
11/14/16N. Subhash ('19)6-7(2);7-5;7-5
10/8/16E. Douglas ('18)6-4;6-4
7/17/16D. Kourkina ('19)6-4;6-3
7/17/16K. Volynets3-6;6-2;7-5
7/17/16V. Ong7-5;4-6;7-6(1)
7/17/16B. Crowley ('19)6-2;6-4
7/17/16A. O'Dell ('18)1-6;6-4;6-3
6/11/16M. Bilokin ('19)6-3;6-2
6/11/16C. Beck6-2;6-1
6/11/16A. Smith ('18)6-1;6-3
6/11/16G. Price ('21)6-2;6-2
5/9/16H. Baptiste ('19)6-3;6-4
5/9/16T. Russo ('16)7-6(3);1-6;6-3
5/9/16C. Branstine ('19)6-4;6-4
4/30/16A. Blake ('19)6-1;7-5
4/2/16R. Tran6-3;6-2
4/2/16R. Eason ('18)6-7(2);6-1;7-6(5)
4/2/16V. Ong6-3;6-2
4/2/16E. Navarro6-4;7-6(5)
4/2/16C. Campana ('18)6-3;6-0
4/2/16C. Jankowski ('18)7-5;7-6(6)
3/26/16E. Douglas ('18)6-3;1-6;6-2
3/18/16R. Lim ('18)6-1;6-3

Look at the scores against Ellie and Car.

I do want to see a matchup between McNally and Noel/Volynets/Beck/Ryngler, etc. Is there a huge gap in ability. In fact the biggest difference is height(V is like half the size of M!). But size does matter..

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