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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ohio State on a roll

Best season ever? Looks even better than last season?

Results from ITA;

4/23/2017 Purdue University Scheduled Scheduled
 4/21/2017 Indiana University-Bloomington Scheduled Scheduled
 4/16/2017 at #38 Northwestern University Scheduled Scheduled
 4/14/2017 University of Illinois Scheduled Scheduled
 4/9/2017 at #39 University of Nebraska Scheduled Scheduled
 4/7/2017 at #47 University of Iowa Scheduled Scheduled
 4/2/2017 #43 University of Maryland, College Park Scheduled Scheduled
 4/1/2017 Rutgers University Scheduled Scheduled
 3/19/2017 at University of Minnesota Scheduled Scheduled
 3/17/2017 University of Wisconsin, Madison Scheduled Scheduled
 3/14/2017 #1 University of Florida Scheduled Scheduled
 3/8/2017 University of Virginia Scheduled Scheduled
 3/5/2017 at #35 Arizona State University Scheduled Scheduled
 3/4/2017 #9 Pepperdine Win 6-1
 2/26/2017 #13 Baylor University Win 4-0
 2/25/2017 #44 University of Miami (Florida) Win 4-0
 2/19/2017 Penn State University Win 7-0
 2/17/2017 #4 University of Michigan Win 5-1
 2/12/2017 #3 North Carolina Loss 4-3
 2/11/2017 #11 Oklahoma State University Win 4-3
 2/10/2017 #6 Auburn University Win 4-1
 2/5/2017 at #14 Vanderbilt University Win 5-2
 1/29/2017 #34 University of Alabama Win 4-0
 1/28/2017 Florida State University Win 4-0
 1/20/2017 Wright State University Win 7-0
 1/20/2017 Bowling Green State University Win 7-0

Just look at the scores, total shutout, even Michigan and today, Pepperdine. The only tight win was against OSU, and they lost to UNC 3-4. It's quite formidable, really.

Yes NTI was indoors, and they defeated Michigan, Miami and BU at their home. But Pepperdine match was at ASU, outdoors.

So tomorrow's match will be really interesting, against ASU. Should be able to gauge ASU's level.
OSU later plays UF at Orlando, then faces NU at Evanston. That's pretty much it, until the Big Ten tournament.

Fun fact; Di Lorenzo lost in doubles 2 times this season, with different partners.
With Kowase at #2, lost to Blanco/Bolsova 2-6.
With Sanford at #1, lost to Fahey/Najarian 3-6.

But with Kowase again, on a roll now;
def. Lohan/Tanielian 6-1
def. Shankle/Profit 6-2
def. Maddox/Ahmed 6-3

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