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Saturday, March 25, 2017

On 2017 ITF EB Q singles draw

They start today.

Feel sorry for Elena, super tough draw against Alexa Ryngler who's slaying her upperclassmen left and right lol.
Jada Robinson too, having to play Kelly Chen(isn't she class of 2017? Has she turned pro too?).
How about McQuaid vs Kalieva, tough for both. Too bad I'll miss that match.

Stearns group, ouch. Stearns, Peus, McQuaid, Kalieva. Group of Death here.

Not sure I've seen Creath, but I do know that Camille Kiss is an elite hitter(just so many promising class of 2020 players!). Sensing Vasilyuk vs Kiss final, but we'll see.

I would dearly LOVE to watch the match for the deciding Moonball Princess match lol, Haynes vs Gadalov, too bad. 3-set 4-hour match guaranteed??!

Redelijk group, also super tough, what with Van Linge, Ryngler and Butera. Alexa R will advance, she had no problem handling Van Nguyen's drives and was actually the aggressor, painting the sidelines and putting VL on the defensive.

Is Liz Scotty playing? I see James Scotty in boy's draw. Or are they not related.
Liz is former #1 class of 2020, until Caty McNally 'usurped' that spot. I only saw her a bit at Winter Nat, until she retired mid-match.

By the way is Car playing? Thought she withdrew(from the ITF site), but she's mentioned on the press release.

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