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Friday, March 24, 2017

On the dismissal of USC coaching staff

Probably too late now, the damage is already done.
As I said, no elite hitter will likely come to USC now.
In short, USC is FUCKED.
Probably failing to recruit Kayla Day, along with the abysmal ranking(#40? Even behind UW and UO now. Is it a record-low) was the final straw, who knows.

I mean, maybe the team color itself was inevitable, considering their weak recruiting. Every hero needs a villain lol. Tennis vs anti-tennis, like Fed vs Nadal, can generate interest. Offense vs defense. Not my cup of tea, but understandable. Maybe that was what they meant for that weird hashtag #findyourstyle. Find your moonballing style, retrieving style, whatever.
Just...don't lure elite hitters if you're just going to abuse them!!!
Maybe Meredith should dramatize her 'USC experience' lol.

And, if you can't keep it up(in recruiting),
best just pack it up(perfect rhyme!)!!

Now the one who's responsible for that USO doubles wild card disaster was axed from USC's end. How about USTA. That was a MAJOR embarrassment for the organization which was purported to 'support' college tennis lol. Who was responsible, and was he/she axed as well? Or, was it solely USC's fault for that 'bone-headed play'?

It'll be very hard for me to generate interest for this team again. Been a while I've visited Marks. The 'trauma' was just too much lol.
Probably I'm done with USC, not that I have any affiliation with my home team in the first place.

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