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Monday, March 13, 2017

On Pepperdine vs Stanford matchup next month

Match of the month candidate on April. Very important for both teams as well, ranking-wise.

Davidson Stefani
Doyle Lahey
Lord Ahmed
Lampl Gulbe
Arbuthnott Milovanovic
Higuchi Jean R

Pepperdine can win 3 singles positions; Top 2 and 5(Milovanovic). And of course can win the doubles point. Plus, it's their home.

So if I were Stanford, I would change the lineup. I would aim to win ALL positions.

I would put Freeman winner(highest ranked player in the team as well. FYI Davidson and Doyle both played there. Davidson was routed by Bolsova) Lord at #1 to pressure Stefani.
Same goes to #2, will match Lampl against Lahey, fire to fire(Lahey is formidable, she's strong against retrievers as well, like Failla. Maybe Davidson could be a good matchup though..).

More steady player and good passer will have a good chance against Ahmed, so either Davidson or Doyle will be fine at #3. One of those two then will play Gulbe, again will trust their ability to grind it out. Lampl could just overpower Gulbe, so she might just stay there lol.

I do think Milovanovic is better than Arbuthnott, but we'll see.
Higuchi will beat Jean R, if she doesn't panic against R's net approaches.

P.S. If putting Lord at #1 is too 'drastic', just put her up at #2, and we'll be able to see a marquee match between her and Lahey.

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