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Thursday, March 30, 2017

USC fucking it up] USO doubles wildcard disaster

Here let me tell you about the sad saga of USC.

I've seen the palpable relief of the coaches after KK/Sabs won the NCAA doubles(watched via webcam). They fucked it up at the team NCAA against Stanford, so it was a consolation prize.

And a good one too, because playing USO means a prime exposure of USC tennis, and thus a good opportunity to attract future star recruits as well. And of course, it was the height of both KK and Sabs' careers(Sabs' 'reign' was brief. That match against Gibbs at the NCAA was probably the decisive moment for both of their careers, Gibbs and Sabs. Next Fall season Sabs was routed by Jamie Loeb and this was even before her injury at Texas next year), and could've been a career watershed for both, especially for KK who just conquered the college doubles scene.

And then this disaster.

What I've learned from working, is that Confirmation is key. Important issues, in fact any kind of 'transaction', you need to double and triple check to make SURE.

Did USC do that AT ALL, have no idea.

They even travelled there and was told there, that there was a problem. It's like a black comedy lol.

So USC fucked it up. Big time. Of course USTA shares the responsibility, but USC just can not escape from the main blame of effectively derailing both KK and Sabs' careers.

It was a prime chance to advertise USC tennis, but instead they became an instant laughing stock of the tennis community. Can't even take care of basic things for the star players. Monumental incompetence, to say the least.

Now what would've the future star players thought watching this black comedy enfold? What'll be their impression of USC tennis lol. You can guess.

They should've been axed then and there. Because next they committed an even more heinous crime, in effectively, purposefully killing future star's career; talking about Meredith Xepoleas.

But that's on the next post, along with the bleak survey of their current and future recruiting especially compared to their cross-town 'rival', UCLA.

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