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Friday, March 31, 2017

On the use of bino and 2017 EB players of the day 3/31

Apparently that guy can't even tell the difference between bino and camera lol, but anyway, let me explain my use of it.

Am I doing it to spy on players?

Now IWTG is BIG. Since my goal is to cover as many matches as possible, I need to know what is going on, and the scores as well. The primary use of bino is to check the scores.

And of course, the players. For example if they are going to play doubles at the far court, I can confirm them with my bino from far away, and go there to cover it. And, unfamiliar players, I need to check their faces to recognize them, so as to confirm which matches are going to be played later on.

At the IW tournament, many fans carry bino, just like me, for those uses. Mostly face recognition I guess, but where's the harm in that.

Now, if my bino 'lingers' on the player's face, that could be a problem, right? But does it? I'm here to cover matches, not players' faces lol. Don't have time for it. I mean, I get soon tired of staring at ATP big 4's asses(during practice) lol during IW and soon move on to the actual matches. I'm here to observe, enjoy and evaluate the player's performances: is this so wrong?? Do you think I rave about Alexa Noel because she's pretty? If you can't even tell the difference, why should I even bother??!! Do I even have to explain this in the first place lol. Waste of my time.

That's it. Players of the day, all 4 G16 doubles semifinalists. They're right now playing their asses out there. The level, very high. So evenly matched, it's taking forever lol.




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