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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Some tidbits before heading to PVCC

Black had a MTO or something after the 1st set against SJ at ISC.

I dub Dani Willson as Willfow. Not joking, the electrical board at IWTG spelled her name that way, don't blame me Dani haha.

Subhash should just turn pro lol, I mean she defeated Ryngler(class of 2020) in 2, and that Ryngler defeated WAATC finalist Van Nguyen at ITF RSF..haha.

More on coach Bernstein;

He lives like 5 minutes from his office; we Angelenos are furious lol, who have to endure a hellish morning traffic!

He was 2011 member of the UGA team! Which means I watched him lose against USC at Stanford NCAA..!!

Now should head to PVCC to watch Crowley vs Yepifanova.

I'm 'saving' for Jayci G's matches for tomorrow; so don't fuck it up today, on both matches, Jayci! Haha. Eh, maybe I should have a weeny least in doubles later?

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