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Saturday, March 25, 2017

The humiliation of Doubles is not over yet

Again from Colette's TRN article;

"I don't see any movement to further reducing it," Mountford said of the current doubles patchwork. "But I just know those conversations are always live."

Should we doubles fans kowtow and be extremely thankful that there'll be no further cut, no further Munich? I think not. 
Of those various experiments by ITA, there was a 10 pt tiebreaker for doubles(Florida vs Alabama match I believe), and also no doubles at all. Of the 'so many interests' Mr. Mountford mentioned, I'm sure there's a clique that want to eliminate doubles altogether, or doing it AFTER the singles match is concluded(that is, when it's a tie, 3-3!).  After all, Hitler himself said at Munich that there will be no more territorial demands, professing peace, and we all know how that turned out!
Mr. Mountford himself did not rule that dire scenario out, as shown on the bolded part. The important 'But'!

And as I mentioned before, there's more scenario for the humiliation of doubles. Remember that 4 singles 2 doubles format or something? Have to choose between singles or doubles?
Everybody gets to play, yay, but at what cost, further humiliation of doubles of course. Neel and Shibahara would have to choose between those two disciplines. What a laugh. In that format Peggy Porter will play doubles and will trounce the opponents lol, so it wouldn't enable more parity, whatever delusions those proponents might harbor lol.

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