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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why Colette's upcoming article is important

'Incredible shrinking Doubles' to 'Doubles Dip?', Colette please make up your mind on the title haha.

Article mainly consist of interviews. Which is why I'm looking forward to hers. 'Battle lines will be made more clearer(they will say, 'what battle, we already won' lol, but I like to delude myself that the 'war' isn't over yet!)' by the arguments the interviewees present(doubt anything can top 'doubles as appetizer for singles' though. And that infamous 'growing the game': how is cutting going to grow doubles, is it gardening), and of course the presenter themselves: especially who're for limiting doubles. Hope Colette snagged some big names.
 Needless to say I won't support those coach's teams(but didn't most of the coaches approve the new rule anyway), but I doubt big school coaches would expose themselves? We'll see.

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