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Thursday, April 27, 2017

2017 ACC Day 2 matches of the day

While enjoying Mariana vs Anna, checked BC vs NCSU score via my bino and finding the score 3-0, hurried there.
 See, bino is essential at such a big venue like IWTG and Berry.

Too busy preparing for the trip to Norman, so first this:

#2 Borr vs Rogers
#3 Wiktorin vs Wilcox
#3 Ulyashchenko vs Humberg

I like both teams, BC and NCSU, but you knew that. In fact wanted to watch NCSU doubles more, too bad lol.

Anna could've been a star, too bad? :p Reeled off 5 straight games from 0-3 in the 3rd, approaching the net. Possible because as I've said before, she also has excellent variety, not only power. Those half volleys were probably the shot of the day. Even lobbed well.

So led 5-3? then self destructed, committing errors.
But of course Lexi had a say in that.
You know I've praised Lexi before. Uncanny concentration from an ordinary body haha. Not just retrieving, she in fact could attack sharply, as well.
Heck of a match, between a senior and a freshman. Anna could only get better, eh?  :) Nice manners too, applauding Lexi's winner and gesturing sorry on a netcord.


Kylie is officially, along with Mariana Humberg, my favorite player now. Somewhat polar opposite, those two lol(but both very aggressive in their own way!). Really glad I came, the trip was worth it, discovering those gems.

As I said, Kylie hits like a pro. Monstrous pace. Still grieving for Meredith Xepoleas but at least I found her lol.
Claudia really returned well, and served well too, hence the tight score. Good match.


When I came Anna had a huge lead, understandable because she can produce big enough pace(Mariana had to return properly, to handle that pace. Returned quite well). But wasn't winning the slice duel.

After BC won, came back and Mariana was winning and eventually won the 2nd.
Mariana reminds me of Chloe Beck. Such an aggressive slice and net approach combo. And her drop shot is pro level. Drops before the net...!!! Anna is not slow, but couldn't reach it some times.

Now, I was in 'agony'. On the one hand I would like to see Mad again haha(but why was she rooting for WF, isn't she a future Tiger :p  Should I report to coach Spencer..but I dunno her lol. Well Courtney was way louder!), but Mariana was actually playing here. Too bad Louisville lost? :p Cardinals were strong.

Doubles, Guerin vs Humberg duel. Kimmy poached well, but Mariana lobbed well, too. But even Anna joined in poaching, so..

Had to leave mid-match to check up on UVA vs FSU doubles. Julie Ditty, did I take her pic at 2010? ITF Carson or what. Is she a coach? Where's Fodor.
Court arrangement was unfamiliar to me. Didn't even know Favero played doubles, too bad. At least got to see Gullickson play doubles, but didn't even know she played singles, as I said wasn't sure about the court arrangement or that I still dunno her face lol.

Was Johanson that petite? Kelley's doubles partner? I thought Johanson in fact played #3 doubles or something. Whoever it is, she played better later, passing, and Kelley 'finally' joined her as well lol. But who was that Indian-looking girl, she played quite well at net. Some players wore yellow headbands, that was interesting. After Borthwick frankly dunno much about FSU.

Already 12:30, gotta do dawn birding. Arrowhead for a final attempt to see those elusive vireos and warblers, and hopefully Bobwhite as well. Added more new birds today, but still rather discouraging, not being able to see those vireos and warblers. On the way to Arrowhead should stop by the river to spot Swainson's warbler, and if I can't spot Kentucky warbler at Arrowhead, should attempt Viking trail at Berry again. Saw a rail like bird at Victory lake there, but couldn't bird there much today.

Oh I birded Georgia Highlands Paris lake from 9:30am or something, for about 3 hrs. Naturally bracing the elements lol. Just stood while raining, using an umbrella of course. Even windy, so not an ideal condition, to say the least. Nice to see Grey Catbird, Eastern Kingbird and Orchard Oriole again. Already saw those at LA though.

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