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Sunday, April 23, 2017

2017 Lakewood National G18 brief recaps

I was en garde, mentally preparing for the assault fron unknown danger? Thankfully nothing happened :p

Maybe I could've watched SEC semis, but due to Expedia's inexplicable schedule change I couldn't make it(it automatically changed to 6am boarding, when I originally booked for 8pm or something, even paying $9 more for that option). But maybe it was all for the better, since I was able to watch Stevens vs Evloeva marquee match which started around noon that day.

Liz Stevens with the Hand sisters was the reason why I 'dared' to return so soon to Jr. tennis venues lol. Class of 2020, TRN ranked #78th. But she was ranked around 30 some years ago. As I said I was impressed with her play at EB(she advanced far in that tournament, got to play at IWTG), and again confirmed her level this tournament. Portland, Oregon? I didn't even know her when I chatted with Erin during JKC last November. Maybe I should ask about her to Bess at Rome? :)

I 'understand' the Hands travelling here(Clarissa had played Henry Talbert methinks, or other local So. Cal tournament). Living at NJ this time of year must be a torture, I've read some birding books about NJ and especially the Bayshore area? is a living hell lol. Crawling with bugs!! All kinds of it lol(funnily Rocky Oaks park north of Malibu was also crawling with flying bugs. Radnor was rather bug-less, to my surprise. Vandy tennis center had some bugs, including a cute ladybug!). But that might especially matter in birding those shore areas, maybe Mooretown is more inland?
I do envy them, NJ is not only the Garden State, it's really a haven for birders! Red Knots migration to the shore and gorging on horseshoe crab eggs is justly famous, and no explanation needed on Cape May, which is one of the birding Meccas in the world. Mountain area along the shore methinks, so it has the best of both worlds. Mountain so tremendous spot for migrating Hawks, and warblers as well I guess.

Oh forgot to mention this but Hibi's mom was there! Leo? Or a younger bro.

Scores from tennislink;

SF (2) Rena Lin d. (5) Tatum Burger 4-6; 6-4; 6-4

Eventually Rena was probably too powerful. Tatum is coached by Advantage? That familiar coach. Is she living at LA now?

SF Kelly Chen d. (1) Jennifer Kerr 6-4; 7-5

Jen really is a good player. She was actually leading during the 2nd(could watch properly from that set), lost that set due to her errors, mostly. Once applauded Kelly's winner(Ace?).
With Wan and Ferrari..definitely will boost CU a lot.
Kelly as usual served well when it mattered.

Q (2) Rena Lin d. charlotte chavatipon 6-4; 6-4

Couldn't really watch. CC, class of 2020? Did she jump a class? Anyway she's good enough, 'discovered' her at ITF NPB. Very aggressive flat hitter.

Q (5) Tatum Burger d. (4) Julia Lilien 6-4; 6-3

L netted some volleys. She's quite powerful now, moving B around mercilessly. B was maybe just a bit better, probably moved a bit better as well?

Q Kelly Chen d. Danielle Willson 6-2; 6-1

Enjoyed this match. Willfow's lapses are quite comical haha, but no doubt about her talent. Can produce effortless pace with her drives. Variety, not bad either, as her doubles win with Van Linge at EB attests.

Q (1) Jennifer Kerr d. (6) Mary Profit 6-0; 6-1

Couldn't really watch much, just the last part, too bad. Mary is probably my new find this tournament, not sure I've watched her for an extended time before. Is she lil' sister of Liz Profit, or are they not related.
Oh she verballed to Arizona, didn't know she was class of 2017. Definitely will contribute.

16 (2) Rena Lin d. Emily Ackerman 6-3; 6-0

16 charlotte chavatipon d. Britt Pursell 6-3; 6-3

Too bad I missed this, but I've seen Britt ad nauseum during EB(those intense doubles matches!), so :p

16 (4) Julia Lilien d. Kristina Evloeva 6-3; 6-4

L probably moved too well.

16 (5) Tatum Burger d. Clarissa Hand 6-2; 6-3

Now can't remember, should consult the notes lol. Likewise with the above match, Tatum moved really well. Clarissa wasn't especially winning the rallies, so she reverted to her familiar NASA moonball mode, and it worked, eliciting Tatum's errors and such.
By the way wonder why NU coaches(coach Dasso!) weren't there, when Clarissa made interest on them public at TRN; they do travel here to watch local tournaments. Well maybe they're too busy now preparing for the Big Ten tournament..!

16 Kelly Chen d. Dominique Stone 6-4; 6-0

16 Danielle Willson d. Katherine Nguyen 6-4; 6-4

Couldn't really watch but thought the match was rather tight, N wasn't a bad hitter, at all.

16 (6) Mary Profit d. Vivian Cheng 6-1; 4-6; 6-2

'Discovered' P in this match. Not only she hits well, her net plays are really good. Very nice touch.

16 (1) Jennifer Kerr d. Julia Ronney 6-3; 6-3
32 (2) Rena Lin d. Zlata Bobyr 6-0; 6-1 32 Emily Ackerman d. Serim Jin 6-2; 6-3 32 charlotte chavatipon d. (5) Jennifer Richards Wd (ill) 32 Britt Pursell d. Jordyn King 6-2; 6-3
32 (4) Julia Lilien d. Shuchen Lin 6-1; 6-2

32 Kristina Evloeva d. elizabeth stevens 4-6; 7-6; 7-5

As I said, marquee match. :) Both blasting at will, and also showing nice variety. I couldn't tell who was who actually, then lol(sorry Kristina, I mean I did watch her not infrequently).  E drop shotted tons, and nice execution as well. But S managed to return most of them, good anticipation, movement and putback.

Probably E was just a bit more powerful, she really reminded me of Kylie McKenzie with her effortless big hitting. I've mentioned this before, but both her and Willfow are sleeper pics imo. W class of 2018, E class of 2019.  She was later seen packing a travel bag, wonder if she was traveling to other farawy tournament? She didn't play yesterday.

32 (5) Tatum Burger d. Paulina Ferrari 6-2; 6-2

Didn't even know F was playing, I was wondering who was that tall and long-haired girl with Kerr in doubles lol. Didn't recognize her, was it her different hair. Wasn't quite loud either, although she was quite intense during the match as her wont. Was it really her? Lol.

32 Clarissa Hand d. Michelle Deng 6-2; 6-4

Clarissa too good. Drop shotting at will, although some did get punished. Nice use of all-court, good understanding of the 'geography' of the court, and sharp drives. She's not a big hitter per se, but can produce pace. Deng is really not a bad player, so I'd say Clarissa played well. Whined a bit less this tournament lol, but did she always shout that loud after making winners haha.

32 Dominique Stone d. Katherine Fleischman 7-5; 6-0

32 Kelly Chen d. (5) Christina Hand 6-3; 6-1

As I said couldn't watch much, but H was quite competitive actually.

32 Katherine Nguyen d. Julia Pham 6-3; 6-1
32 Danielle Willson d. (3) Maia Sung 6-2; 6-4
32 Vivian Cheng d. Jacquie Tan 6-3; 3-6; 6-3
32 (6) Mary Profit d. Kathy Wang 6-0; 6-1
32 Julia Ronney d. Jasie Dunk 6-4; 7-6(5)
32 (1) Jennifer Kerr d. Stephanie Nguyen 6-3; 6-0

PL-S charlotte chavatipon d. (4) Julia Lilien 6-3; 6-4

Watched a bit, rather evenly matched methinks.

PL-S Danielle Willson d. (6) Mary Profit 6-3; 6-1

At first P was attacking W's serves well, producing outright winners and such. But probably Dani was too powerful. P did commit some errors later.

CQ Vivian Cheng d. Julia Ronney Wo (inj)
CQ elizabeth stevens d. Michelle Deng Wo (ill)
CQ Britt Pursell d. Emily Ackerman 6-3; 6-2
R2 Julia Ronney d. Serim Jin 7-5; 6-3

R2 Vivian Cheng d. Jordyn King 6-2; 6-3

Got to watch some, and King wasn't bad at all, another discovery. Could attack well, and moved quite decently. Variety, not bad either. Played well against a good player like Cheng.

R2 elizabeth stevens d. Katherine Nguyen 2-6; 6-2; 11-9

Tight all the way. N wasn't bad at all, quite aggressive herself. Now there's two KN, one from SG and one from FV, which one is she lol.  Maybe she's the FV one, class of 2018? SG one is class of 2022, too young.

R2 Michelle Deng d. Dominique Stone 6-0Ret (inj)

R2 (5) Christina Hand d. Clarissa Hand Wo (inj)

Why :p

R2 Britt Pursell d. Jacquie Tan 6-4; 6-3
R2 Emily Ackerman d. Stephanie Nguyen 6-2; 6-2
R1 Serim Jin d. Zlata Bobyr 7-6(4); 6-3
R1 Jordyn King d. (5) Jennifer Richards Wd (ill)
R1 elizabeth stevens d. Shuchen Lin Wo (ill)
R1 Michelle Deng d. Paulina Ferrari 6-3; 6-4

R1 (5) Christina Hand d. Katherine Fleischman 6-3; 6-3

Watched a bit, F wasn't bad, really, could attack. Oh she's from Washington?

R1 (3) Maia Sung d. Julia Pham 6-0; 6-0
R1 Jacquie Tan d. Kathy Wang 6-4; 6-2
R1 Stephanie Nguyen d. Jasie Dunk 6-3; 7-5

SF (2) Ferrari/Kerr d. (3) Cheng/Lin 8-6

Lin also hit Cheng lol. Defeating Lin doubles, that's a big deal now. Lin is now one of the best doubles players, probably even more impressive than in singles. She's a power player, so Stanford, why not. I see that she has interest also in Columbia, UCLA and USC according to TRN. Now ascended to Blue Chip, ranked #23 now

Evenly matched, all played well. F aggressive as usual, and K really hit well. Did not know F was that tall, or is K another Little Giant lol(but she's not that petite).

SF (1) Hand/Hand d. Harris/stevens 9-8(5)

Marquee match of course, explicitly wanted to watch this match, most of all. 3 guests, so can't miss his lol.
Didn't know S was this good; poached at will, that was a revelation. I knew Harris was a good doubles player, so S's fine performance made the match that much more competitive. Aced once. Sharp angled drives. They really could've won this match, no kidding. Should check out her doubles results at EB later when I have time.  To think of it, Oregon players play excellent doubles, from Erin to Bess haha.
Harrison served bad at first, but she was very good at net, as usual. Made some errors after long points. Oh her serve hit Liz, that hurt lol. It happended twice during SEC, for example Cline 'nailing' Berg or something haha(or was it vice versa).

Clarissa wasn't even doing much at first, it was Christina who touched the ball most of the time lol, and she played well, but that was expected(she's EB or ISC doubles winner last year. She probably is a better doubles player than her sister! Class of 2020, 5-star at TRN, ranked #32 now). But it was Clarissa who made crucial plays at the final moments. Once thanked me when I returned a stray farwary ball lol, like Jill Taggart et. al at EB! Once applauded the opponents' fine play.
Now she was gasping for breadth or something, tended to sit down after some intense rallies. Is she ill or what, was that the reason why she didn't play much during the past year? Hope it's nothing serious.

Q (2) Ferrari/Kerr d. Nguyen/Pursell 8-0
Q (3) Cheng/Lin d. Deng/Stone 9-8

Q Harris/stevens d. (4) Lilien/Profit 8-5

Should've known when I saw this result. Defeating L/P, big deal. H can't win this matchup on her own, S probably also contributed.

Q (1) Hand/Hand d. Pham/Wang 8-6

Another shocking? result. P/W must've played well.

16 Nguyen/Pursell d. Evloeva/Willson 8-6

Too bad I missed this marquee match. N must've played well.

16 (3) Cheng/Lin d. Dunk/chavatipon 8-5
16 Deng/Stone d. Jin/Tan 8-1
16 Harris/stevens d. Burger/Lin 8-5
16 (4) Lilien/Profit d. Nguyen/Ronney 8-4
16 Pham/Wang d. Bobyr/King 9-8

Phew, finished. I did scribble more on the 1st day, but can't bother now, have to prepare for birding Rome area. Should again scrutinize the ebird report and plot the routes..
Wish me safe travel.

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