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Sunday, April 23, 2017

2017 SEC tournament All-Stars/MVPs

Waiting until the matches resume at 2:30pm.

The players who impressed me during the tournament;

Most marquee singles matches were #3(the exception would be Golovin vs Kurtz #4, and there was another good #5 match..which was it).

Spielmann vs Sadie Hammond, both.
Eve Repic, against Lisa Rioux
Mackenzy Middlebrooks against...who did she play, UT player..
Tate Schroeder against Eve Repic
Saska Gavrilovska against Golovin. Ace is back?!
Leolia Jeanjean against Taylor Russo; Taylor was just not winning the volley duel against Leolia, Leolia won fair and square. She and Ark coach were seen talking(she mostly listening?) late..into the rain!
Justina Mikulskyte against Tea Jandric. J is a good player but was overwhelmed by Justina's amazing performance. Justina along with Mad Harrison were my favorite hitters of the tournament. So good.
JVC against Bhosale. B is a very good player, and JVC played very well to beat her. Ace is back(2)?!
Lewis vs Pierson was full of drama haha. Didn't know Jade was so passionate. Who won by the way :)
Anna Vrbenska wasn't bad either.
Ross van der Zwaan as well. Both players, not sure I've seen them play before; was quite impressed with their performance.
Dikosavljevic vs Hudson went to the very distance. D reminds me a bit of Sabs. Shannon I've seen her play plenty since EB. So didn't really watch this match once LSU vs TAMU doubles started.
Madison Harrison against Ingrid Neel. I've already written on Mad occasionally, saying that I was impressed with her hitting at the National. I dunno if I ever properly watched her since then. Mucho impressed with her firepower AND consistency during the tournament. Just outhit Neel, no kidding. This was probably the best singles match of the tournament.
Taylor Russo against Kennedy Shaffer. Taylor's bh is pure gold. Really good.
Emma Kurtz vs Jess Golovin. Two of my favorite players, enjoyed every moment.
Emma has some peculiar habits, like communing with the wall and emitting a 'long call' in birding terms haha. Jess likes to pirouette before receiving serve!
Akvil Parazinskaite against Ingrid Martins. That was a shocking performance by Akvil, but I was impressed with both her and Justina against San Diego some time ago. Not only did she possess power, she actually has really nice touch. It was almost sublime, even. Martins was one of the best players during WAATC, so imagine my surprise Akvil out-playing her.
Emily Fanning and Emily Smith(two Emilies!) impressed me with their excellent variety, even in singles.
Becca Weissman in the 2nd? set against Sellyn played very well, controlling most points. Some drives went just a bit wide, and her volley attacks weren't quite effective; lacked power so invited Georgina's counterattacks. She later was seen chatting with Frances :)
Sydney Campbell against JVC. Real powerful, and her bh slice was exquisite as well.
Rioux gave Kuhlman tons of trouble. She's a Little Giant, able to create sharp angles at will.
Morgan Chumney against Brigit Folland. She did lose. But was so impressed with her game, where did she pop up lol. Did she play singles against San Diego then? Excellent power hitting, and her variety is also very good. Was the bigger hitter against Folland, same goes to Justina M. against Hadley Berg. But both Folland and Berg managed to prolong the rallies; and both Morgan and Justina probably crumbled. Folland and Berg did serve very well.

Alabama UT doubles matches went to the wire.
Caro Turner was quite solid for the Tigers. Another proud product from Texas.
There were so many good matches I can't remember now lol.
Arkansas #1 shocked UA #1 doubles. UA doubles in turn played very well against UGA doubles.
USC doubles were damn impressive against the Wildcats. I mean UK is very good, and the Cocks just blasted service return winners at will...I've never seen so many service return winners lol, and UK's #1 Sutjiadi/Adachi's serves were rather untouchable during WAATC. Not only #1, #3 doubles Folland/Rohrabacher were also blasting service winners lol(Nice to see R play again. Horvit didn't even play doubles!).  Martins at #2 later woke up, poaching at will.
Without question, when on, USC doubles is the most exciting. Uber-aggressive..just the 'recipe' for TV!
So the best doubles would be Berg/Cline, congrats! :)

I've mentioned too many players lol, so just the best players;
Madison Harrison in singles
Hadley Berg/Paige Cline in doubles

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