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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

2017 USTA National Level 3 Tournament - Lakewood CA

Normally I wouldn't have bothered even to post, but the Hands are playing??! It's been a while since I've seen them play, so am naturally very curious lol.
And why are they travelling so far. :)

I've never had any incidents at Lakewood, so it might be worth braving? And it's quite near Bixby Marsh, a good birding spot?
What do you think guys. Should I 'introduce myself' to Mr. Stephens? But surely he knows me by sight now; I've been there MANY times.

Other than the sisters, Burger, Chen(getting her sorely needed match practice!), Cheng, Evloeva, Ferrari, Kerr, Lilien, Lin, Pursell, Richards, Stevens(I said I was impressed with her game at IW), Willfow..why it's really quite a nice lineup..

P.S. They play G16 nearby at El Dorado TC at the same time.
Aude, Bendetti, Goldsmith, Hance, Huang, Kane, Mathews..but it's Kiss's tournament to lose :p

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