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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Almost cancelled ACC for SEC

The temptation was strong, since SEC is as strong as ever. So thought of cancelling ACC and using that money to travel to Nashville, but just couldn't do it lol.

I simply had to see such teams like ND, BC, WF and UVA(was lucky to see NCSU play at Pepperdine). Totally forgot about Daxhelet too, who really impressed me at WAATC. ACC is really a balanced conference, what with so many good teams. Miami and Clemson seem to be struggling but they have some good players.

Just checked VT roster and Natalie Novotna, a freshman, is playing #2 now? Impressive and she's Jana Novotna's daughter? That Jana Novotna??!

Anyway Kennesaw is just too good a birding hotspot to simply ignore lol. Hope to bag at least 10 warblers, possibly 20!!!! up and around there!

Yes it all boils down to... birding!

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