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Monday, April 3, 2017

Best of 2017 EB

Don't be surprised if my future posts are dominated by birding!

Impressive players in no particular order;

ABC(her ridiculous defense! Quite sound net instinct as well),
Brylin(very good defense and sneaky offense),
Burger(against Robinson but to be fair, didn't really watch that much. I've already seen her plenty during So. Cal local tournament such as Irvine),
Crawley(breakout tournament for sure!),
Douglas(especially in doubles, her court vision),
Guevara(won Consolation seemingly easily, but couldn't really watch much),
Jankowski(she can rally now!!!),
Joyce(when on, her low drives can cause major damage, creating sufficient width),
Kiss(doubles of course),
Lim(so patient and composed against Mossmer),
Owensby(can rally! Impressed with her defense as well, against Pielet),
Pielet(especially in doubles, she wanted to poach so much!),
Wagner(same here. She's an elite doubles player now!)

Not Mandlik, Price and Noel because they already impressed me at ISC. Stein too for that matter, but she withdrew here I believe. Was already impressed with Stein at NPB anyway. Kalieva as well. Ryngler, I was already impressed with her game before including ITF RSF and IW PQ. I would rather say that she underperformed against Subhash, not even winning a set.. :p

Best match;

Chen/Liu vs Beck/Goulak

Honorable mention;

Gallagher/Taggart vs Cusano/Goldsmith.  How long did this match take to finish lol.
ABC/Pursell vs Dawson/Wagner
Dawson/Wager vs Despain/Guevara
ABC/Pursell vs Cayetano/Hayer

Most of the later G16 doubles matches were a riot.

Collins/Pielet vs Duncan/Snells

This G14 match was also really good. As I said, de facto championship  match.

Douglas/Subhash vs Chen/Liu
Brylin/Lim vs Bilokin/Mandlik
Johnson/Li v Bolton/Mossmer; although couldn't watch much, only from the mid-2nd set I believe
McNally/Osuigwe vs Douglas/Subhash
Joyce vs Emma
Lim vs Mossmer
Brylin vs Zhao
Jankowski s Bilokin
Osuigwe vs Volynets
Gallagher vs Hrastar

Too bad I missed Kalieva vs Stearns.
Also couldn't watch much of Butera/Kiss vs Ewing/Stearns to my eternal regret!

And look at THIS score(from ITF)!

I'm sure VL and 'Willfow' received ample notice...!

Best player; Chloe Beck

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