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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Big 12 championship & birding

Rain all day tomorrow(today), there goes my morning birding -_- In fact could be washed out altogether??! Ugh..should I bird Myriad botanical garden despite the rain, just like at Georgia Highlands Paris lake? There is a rare Black-bellied Whistling duck, but the reports are spotty. Could be hard to pick out from the Mallards...

Oklahoma specialty is Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, but I've already seen it twice, at north San Diego(near San Elijo lagoon) then cemetery in Los Angeles lol. I said So. Cal is unbeatable :p

Just found out Texas won, wanted to watch Granic so good for me.

Havering over Wichita Mt. Fantastic for sure, but just too far, and even have to pay tolls. Now should check out for local birding walks...

Yup, just my luck, this time I leave a day early.

Tues: May 2, Myriad Botanic Garden: 301 Reno Ave.  7:30 meet Bob Holbrook. There is unmetered parking on S Harvey Ave (it’s a north running one-way so access off SW 2nd St.).

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