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Monday, April 24, 2017

Birding during ACC around Rome

Kelly asked me about it. Hiking. Well yeah, not that different, except that we birders stop frequently to hear and see those birds lol. Bino is a must-have to spot those fast-moving or faraway objects. For shorebirds, scope is probably a must. Many carry scope everywhere, since it can be useful anywhere. Some even bird bicycling. Anyway we'll sometimes walk for a distance, taking 2-3 hours. Some hard-core birders bird like 4-5 hours or more in one stretch lol, such as Chris Dean and Darren Dowell(Chris can spot warblers real well, I've benefitted from her skill, and DD is a Master of the craft).

Really not expecting much, after the disaster at Nashville lol(which was partly saved by the last day, with the help of veteran birders).

Did spot some target species there, like Wild Turkey, Prothonotary Warbler, Louisiana Waterthrush, Barred Owl, etc. Really spotting like 53 species isn't bad, considering my competence or incompetence!

I did miss all those Vireos, all 3 of them, I may've heard one but never actually saw it, and missed Yellow-throated Vireo yesterday due to tennis(I know, I deeply regret it quitting the park early, after spending there for 'mere' 1 hr and 20 minutes. Tom Benson and Brittany O'Connor arrived just after I left, and they were able to find it right away, ugh).

So spotting those will be the priority during my stay at Rome, whether at Kennesaw or other areas.

Also missed Black Vulture, Northern Bobwhite, Eastern Meadowlark, and of course tons of warblers. Hopefully I can spot at least 5 new warblers, but who knows. It really sucks that the birding walk by Atlanta Audubon is on the 25th in the morning, when I arrive in the late afternoon -_-

I do plan to go to Kennesaw straightaway from the airport, since it's just too far, about an hour away, from Rome(from the airport, about 30 minutes).  But who knows, ACC does start later than SEC at 10am on the first day, and 1pm after that.
The problem will be of course, morning rain lol, please stay away!!!
Dawn at 6:30, not good. Dusk is after 8 though.

Thankfully there are other good spots around Rome, including right near my motel lol. Other places, about 30 min. drives away.

Not sure Black Vultures are at Norman, so I do wish to spot that one. Fish crows, spotted in both areas I believe.  Oh I need to spot Brown Thrasher as well. Brown-headed Nuthatch, Carolina Chickadee(didn't actually see it at Radnor, may've just heard it), Eastern Towhee, Field and White-throated Sparrow(but I did see those two sparrows here at LA and Ventura during Ojai last year).
Rose-breasted Grosbeak(may have hear it at Radnor, but didn't see it. Ann Inouye told us she saw it that last day, or did she just hear it).  Scarlet Tanager, Indigo Bunting..
Rusty blackbird(which I failed to spot at Orange County Centennial Park), Chuck-will's-widow or Whip-poor-will, Common Nighthawk..

Hopefully I can meet another veteran birder and get's to hope!

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