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Monday, April 3, 2017

College coaches I'm acquainted with

Many introduced themselves.

Former TCU coach Borelli, USC, UCLA, Stanford, California, Pepperdine(including former head coach), UCSB, UCI(well he retired recently), ASU, Florida, Georgia, Wake Forest, Virginia, Miami, Florida State, Duke, UNC, North Carolina State, Ohio State, Texas, TAMU, Oklahoma State, Dartmouth, UNLV, former Tech coach..where did he go, can't remember right now, etc.

As I said, that guy was not very smart. He can't be a lawyer otherwise he would not have committed those offenses to me in the first place lol. He's not smart enough to be one, anyway.

Oh well, who knows Baptiste might go to an elite college still. If it doesn't work out, she might still try grinding at the pros!

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