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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Did I even watch Baptiste for an extended time

I never concentrate on one particular player. Never.

As I said, my goal is to cover as many matches AND players as possible.
It's proven on my posts. Why, until this incident I've dubbed Baptiste the Artiste and lamented that I didn't watch her much at ALL this tournament lol. You can check it out yourself. And that I was actually 'saving' her match until the doubles!

So you can imagine my utter incredulousness confronted with his accusation. I mean I don't even HAVE a camera with me. As I said, that guy is an utter loony bin lol.

I'm a fan of Alexa Noel. I did not watch her matches against Campana and Subhash at IW!  Just a glimpse, maybe a game or two. Because it was a rematch, and I thought I had better watch other more interesting matches.
Is this an evidence of a 'dangerous and obsessed' person?

Now that woman said to me that I should be extremely careful around those parents. Ri~~~~ght. Does this mean that parents can do ANYTHING against the fans? Her behaviour and comment absolutely implied it. When I protested about his deranged behavior, she wasn't listening to me. Just stopped the 'discussion' right then and there and repeated the nonsense. If I was knifed by him and was on the ground bleeding, she would've been admonishing ME with the same comment lol, I'm quite certain about it.

What's more to say? Just ordered a new scope. Will totally concentrate on birding from now on. You might find me at those birding trips. But not at the tennis venue anymore. Where maniacs lurk, stalk and 'assault' me with impunity lol.
I'm just protecting myself. Simple as.


Anonymous said...

Appreciate that you attend these tournaments and share your match notes, but to be fair, having seen you at college matches, your behavior could be misinterpreted to be strange.

fan said...

Oh? Strange, how. Do I harass players lurking behind them? Could you specify,thanks.

fan said...

Now I am silent. I don't holler and yell at every point lol. I generally stay farther back as possible from the courts, preferably baseline(that's the use of peep hole at Pepperdine, and I'm not the only one there watching through it)
Oh I do cover myself as much as possible, I hate the sun, my skin burns so easily.
Are these strange behavior? Well, then the more reason why I shouldn't bother doing it at all. Why risk being misinterpreted lol.

fan said...

Now what is the 'normal' behavior of fans, I'm really curious. You tell me. Does one have to rave like a lunatic, gasping and yelling at every point? How do YOU behave during the matches then. Do tell me?

Anonymous said...

- You tend to move around a lot, which is fine, because you want to watch different matches.
- I have observed you looking over at parents of players during matches, perhaps to strike up a conversation or to greet them. Now I don't know the extent of your relationship with those parents, but to a person who didn't know who you were, that would look a little odd.

There are levels of different fans at these matches and tournament. There is no "normal" behavior of fans, but you have to be aware of the things you do at some of these tournaments and how it may be perceived by others. I don't think you are what Baptiste's father accused you of, but I'm just sharing my observations. Keep doing what you do.

fan said...

I don't know what you mean by looking for, but I am acquainted with some of the parents. They're very nice to me. Nothing weird there going on, and I don't think I have to justify the relationship in any way.

Can't keep what I'm doing if this insanity goes on, anyway. I mean if a 'normal' person like you feel weird about it, what would a deranged lunatic like Bapiste's dad think? You know, he kicked me and threatened me in front of the tournament desk. And that woman did nothing then. Nothing. How do you expect me to go on in that dangerous atmosphere. I think I need a bodyguard lol: tournament should provide them for me. I'm not joking. It was that serious.

Anonymous said...

No one deserves that treatment. But it appears that some are more equal than others. Oink, oink! I enjoy your blog. I recommend introducing yourself to each Tournament Director so they develop a relationship with you and know who you are. That way if anyone "complains," you're covered. You're no longer a stranger. You've nothing to hide and can have a more objective discussion should an issue arise.

fan said...

But why does every fan have to introduce himself/herself? Whatever sports requires it.
And, I've been attending EB since 2011 or 2012. WAY earlier than the Baptistes, I believe. I'm NOT a stranger!!!
And I'm sure as hell not going to introduce myself to Kuhle after this debacle.