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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Folly, what folly] SEC day 1

Haven't slept a wink during the night flight and had an incident regarding car rental, wasted an hour there and hence missed the morning birdwalk. Only met them at the trail entrance at Radnor and solicited some infos like Prothonotary warbler.

Needless to say I was practically a zombie watching those matches(wasted precious time parking as well, they should mark the lot more precisely. And it's now $15 for the whole day, not $10).
Only had a cracker since morning, so had to walk all the way up to Wendy's to get..'brunch', that's around 1pm.
What folly did I commit by flying here, I'm flat broke now.

First familiar guy I saw while driving to the parking lot was former UT coach Patrick.

Nice to see those Colorado players, Gabby, Tate and Becca.
Best match, UA vs TENN dbls of course. Erin belatedly 'woke up' lol, before that Maddie carried the team.I

Hammond vs Spielmann, impressed with both(didn't Sadie play #1 lastvseason). That dbls #3 match was excellent, UT attacking by driving and UA(Spielmann Hinton?) defending very well at net.

UT players drove aggressively, across the board.

Jandric match reserved for tomorrow(returned well today), nice to see Middlebrook again, good match against Vrbenska(heard V barely lost at #4. ANyway no time to check the recaps and such, have to do dawn birding and am poking this on my Kindle Fire). Tate too, against Suk? Both showed good aggression. Glad she's doing well.I

had to leave mid-match because I was just not functioning well, also it was hot and humid by afternoon. Desperately needed sleep.

I really can't bother writing detailed recap, only spotted like 25 species(new birds, precious few) at Radnor(only could bird 30 minutes!!! Christ) and the Greenway(Priest dam). And I need some damn sleep right now.

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