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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Futher ramification of this incident; 'Empire Strikes Back'?

Today morning birded the Arboretum(I'm a member so I can walk the grounds an hour earlier). Found Downy Woodpecker and Mitred Parakeets, so finally attained 200 LA county species this year lol.
And naturally, thought about it more(have like 50 phone entries on the matches on that fateful day, dunno when I'll have the energy to post it here).
And, the conclusion, is not very good, at all.

It will be a very depressing reading, an another rant, but please bear with me.

Some commentors recommended me to introduce myself to the tournament directors. I appreciate your good intentions.
But you haven't read my account carefully.

What that woman said, I repeat;

'I've read your blog'
'And you're treading on dangerous grounds'
'You can't say negative things about minors'
'You have to be extremely careful around those parents'

The fourth one is utter bollocks, since I didn't even notice that guy UNTIL THAT GUY KICKED ME IN THE FOOT AND THREATENED ME IN FRONT OF THE DESK.

The third one is utter bollocks as well. You know I've only said good things about Baptiste before, about her game.

But the 1st one.
Stop right there, and please ruminate on what that means.

Means, that THEY KNEW I'M A BLOGGER, AND IT DIDN'T MEAN A DAMN THING TO THEM. Probably it made it even worse lol. It doesn't matter if she actually READ my blog.


And this is when I was more familiar to the tournament lol. As I said, I've been covering EB since 2011/12. That guy is a Stranger, not me!

An elderly umpire, who always bow to me when he sees me, tried to soothe me after that guy took a pic of me. But that was all.

Marylynn Baker, who should know about me more than anyone, was at the desk while the woman admonished me and that guy was jeering from the stand at PC2.

What did she do, she just hung her head and DIDN'T DO A DAMN THING while I was being utterly humiliated.

What do you think I felt then? UTTER BETRAYAL. I felt utterly betrayed.

Now what will Marylynn say when she meets me again. Will she apologize? Say, 'tough luck'?  What can I do but laugh it off? But that laugh will be a BITTER one, don't you think?

The trust, if there ever was one, is broken now. Poisoned. If I'm ever going to cover those events again, the relationship will be a purely professional one now. No more joking and such. Those 'halcyon days' are OVER.

And, EB is supposed to be a 'model' to other tournaments, no. And they treated me in that utterly shameful way. Their priority seemed to be to not offend that maniac. That guy seemed a law upon himself. NOBODY TRIED TO RESTRAIN HIM. So whatever happened to me, THEY DIDN'T CARE.

Say if I reported the incident to the police. Would've the tournament corroborated it? Are you joking? They awarded the sportsmanship award to Baptiste, remember? All I can count on will be the players and their parents.

So, what will the other tournaments like ISC and National 'learn' from this(Marylynn is also involved with ISC and the National).
And other putative 'dictators' and loony bins like Mr. Baptiste.

That I'm fair game. A 'small fry' like me, they can ignore and trample WITH IMPUNITY.
The reality is, that guy will be admitted to all the tournaments, and will be given free rein to further abuse me. Heck, even if he knifed me, I doubt the tournaments will do a thing.

I really dunno what that guy is. Is he a major donor?

And, about Lornie Kuhle. That woman seemed even senior than Ms. Baker. So, you can naturally assume that she would've had ample contact with Mr. Kuhle, unless Mr. Kuhle is wholly ignorant of the operation lol.
Now, what if that woman was Betsy Kuhle? Mr. Kuhle's sister or something.
And you can bet that Mr. Baptiste hobnobbed with him. What do you think he would have said to Mr. Kuhle?

Now, you can't be so naive that once Mr. Kuhle receives my letter, he'll reverse all the decisions and ban Mr. Baptiste? He just awarded his daughter the biggest Sportsmanship award, for Chrissake.

That's why I maintained that it was all a 'script', and that it might as well've been a political decision. I now wonder what and who is the reason behind this. The same people when I made the first foray? Alexa Anton-Ohlmeyer, Sivan Krems, Manon Peri's parents? The tall woman who also threatened me at Calabasas after Mr. Krems?
You know, Mr. Spearman was at first pretty nice to me at the High school tournament. Then he transformed into an utter bully at his club. I suspect somebody poisoned his ears about me, dunno who but I can guess.
And you know what, nobody apologized to me since.

That guy at the National who warned me about filming when I didn't even have a camera? Whoever stole my bag there?

Or, whoever was displeased about my criticism of USTA and ITA? Who knows? Am I being utterly being paranoid here?

You know, Peace is all good, but it's utterly useless against EVIL. Think about Hitler. What was the use of Appeasement by Chamberlain and Daladier?
But what can I actually do, when the tournament doesn't care? As I said, should I 'leave the fight to others'?  Someone said they'll try to petition for my behalf. But will it work? Who knows?

So, how can I 'operate' in this poisoned and paranoid atmosphere. Who'll defend me? I only want to be left in peace, an hassle-free environment,  but is that even possible after this incident? You tell me?

The more I think about it, I think it would be prudent for my safety, to back off entirely. Utterly devote myself to birding, which is a far more safer hobby lol.

Sad, isn't it. But Evil prevails LOTS of times. That's the harsh reality.

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