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Thursday, April 6, 2017

I DOOD IT] Attending ACC

Birdiest, if you count Kennesaw about an hour away(WARBLERS!!!).
Nearby is pretty good as well, actually.
Nobody offered free housing !_!

Apr. 26-28.
(Flight has to be confirmed)

That was the cheapest one, couldn't help it lol. Can't attend the semis but I did attend Freeman(Duke, UNC) so no regrets. Foremost on my concern was to watch lower seeded teams like ND, BC, NCSU, WF..So had to attend the 1st day.
Have to get the hell out(to airport) after Quarterfinals so hopefully it ends soon lol.

Now wonder if the local Audubon holds bird walk at Kennesaw during my sojourn..!

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