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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

ITA ranking this week

Ranking from ITA.

Oracle/ITA Division I Collegiate Rankings
Women's National Team
Administered by the ITA
April 18, 2017

183.71University of Florida1
270.80Vanderbilt University5
369.46North Carolina3
468.96University of Georgia2
568.04Ohio State University4
661.81Georgia Tech6
756.92Texas Tech University7
952.97Oklahoma State University8
1052.32University of Michigan9
1149.20University of South Carolina12
1247.69Auburn University11
1445.60University of Arkansas18
1545.60Duke University14
1744.95Texas A&M University21
1844.46Baylor University15
1943.36University of Kentucky13
2041.38Mississippi State University20
2332.56University of Tennessee23
2527.98University of Texas at Austin24
2627.02Arizona State University29
2725.23University of Kansas30
2825.18North Carolina State25
2924.65University of Mississippi27
3023.39Wake Forest University26
3123.36University of Washington32

Cal. might not host the NCAA...! Was the loss to UCLA so crucial..?
So it's imperative they beat Stanford methinks.

And TAMU. SEC tournament. LSU match, likewise, imperative. If they win it they might challenge VU.
UK too for that matter, they could beat USC, but we'll see. Ole Miss could be a tough cookie though.
MSU has tough luck, they'll be playing UF if they win the 1st match.I

Baylor. Can they beat OSU or Tech, we'll see.

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