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Monday, April 3, 2017

I've relented: not closing the blog

Can't bother? Lol.

More need to know what happened on that day at EB, no?

Will from now on just post on college tennis. Maybe if there is a significant result in juniors, might post some.

But not going to attend junior tournaments, such as So. Cal Sectional, Orange County, Irvine etc., and the National(which means I'm not going to cover junior tennis for about a year, until next year's ITF NPB).

Just too tired, won't attend Stanford at Pepperdine either. Can't bird either, until the scope arrives. Just too mentally and physically exhausted.

Might visit UCI to see Petra, but what if she doesn't play lol.

Now which Conference Championship should I attend:
SEC or Big12??
Probably can't bother to go there either, but a conjecture just for fun :)

Norman or Nashville, which is more birdier? ;)


Anonymous said...

Please reconsider not covering Junior tennis. That's the most interesting tennis part of your blog because it's heartening to see who getting better and rising. I have had my child read your encouraging comments which she believes more than if I say it as her parent. College tennis is less interesting unless you're an alumnus of the college about which you're writing. Please keep your hiatus short. Refresh, renew and come back to Junior tennis. You didn't deserve that hostile treatment from Baptiste. I'm disgusted with those people. Unfortunately we all have a "Mr. Baptiste" somewhere in our lives.

fan said...

Thank you. But if I were to attend the National, the Baptistes shouldn't. It's really that simple,them or me...because I won't feel safe when that lunatic is around.