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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Just came back from Martin Park

Thanks to Betz, could enter the closed park(under construction). Melissa was with us, fellow novice birder.
Really good. Like LA, draught was stopped by torrential rains. Rained during our time as well.
And, SO DAMN COLD!!! And windy!! Even though I bought a cheap jacket at Wal Mart, it wasn't enough. Without another jacket Betz loaned me..I shudder to think! She even loaned me a glove,which was also essential.

Not many birds, missed Vireos and Painted Bunting, but did spot Nashville, Orange-crowned, Yellow and Black-and-white Warbler. You know I struggled to wind that B&W warbler all year long! Red-bellied Woodpecker gave us some good looks.
Think I spotted a Flycatcher, dunno which, should consult the books at B&N.
Anyway braved the elements and birded about 2.5 hours.

Need to get some more sleep before heading to UO, I almost wish we could watch at Indoors lol, it's so cold. Men's final did play doubles so all the more inexplicable women not playing. Maybe because men's fulfill the less than 30 minute 'appetizer' time frame, but women's might last for an hour? Lol.

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