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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Lek trek + Big 12?

So secondary option lol.

Prairie Chickens are must-see but too early(date) and expensive for me. $160 for Greater, $100 for Lesser.
Thinking of only birding Wichita Mt., to spot another specialty, Black-capped Vireo. $25.
That refuge is not too far from Norman, so ideal as well. Not really interested in shorebirds, which I've already seen.

Then can leisurely bird the environs, and enjoy tennis as well, 28-30. They start late(men play earlier methinks?), so again, ideal for a birder!

Not much new species like at Nashville(20 maybe?), but I'm still hoping I can somehow get to attend NCAA...?!

Now can someone provide me a free housing..haha.

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