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Monday, April 3, 2017

Ma therapy this weekend / finished reading Sharapova interview in Vogue

Two massage sessions,
Dunking myself in the spa at 24 fitness every day,
2 Advils

And, binge....I was at first going to BUY lol, but ended up borrowing books!
Maybe I should also buy a strong drink, like Vodka, Whiskey or something.

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39009051586879DUE 04-24-1792 LUTHER,M ROP
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Yeah I stopped reading War & Peace mid-way, but should resume it. Maybe it'll give me that elusive 'Peace of Mind'!!

That Princeton photographic guide is excellent; see I'm 'preparing' for the 'imaginary' trip East!
Reformation, wanted to 'tackle' it sooner or later.

I'm a big fan of Churchill related books(of course don't endorse his every action), so that's one more to 'gobble through'! More in depth for the treatment of that period would be

which I have it.


Also browsed some new books at Vroman, should check it out if it's at the library as well. Very promising;

Hitler: Ascent, 1889-1939

Sep 6, 2016 | Deckle Edge

The above book is related to Gun Control.

by Robert A. Braunfield and Lisa A. White

Methinks this is a 2nd edition? Read the 1st one.


Finally finished Sharapova interview at Vroman's. She's quite articulate.
She trains at Manhattan Country Club? Now where is that, not that I'm going there, can't bother, of course lol. As I said I'm just not much interesting in practicing. Easily get bored watching the monotonous routine, even of those ATP Big 4 & Wawrinka at IW!

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