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Sunday, April 2, 2017

On parents and players

Going to close this blog first thing in the morning tomorrow, so will write whatever I want here.

I don't approach parents. Get that fact straight.
Every time, they approach me. Some of them are donors, and I can NOT not thank them for their generosity. The least I could do is to thank them.

And they're very civilised and wise. There's no condition on their donation, such as to watch their daughters play. Some explicitly mention this to me. Their donation is a sign of their appreciation for my 'hard work', nothing more, nothing less.  I'm of course extremely grateful.  And this naturally reflect very well on their daughters; good parents, good child, no.

Not that I'm swayed by any external circumstances on which matches I'm to cover. I already mentioned that, citing the example of Day's father. I usually avoid blowout matches, such as higher seeds' earlier matches. For example, mentioning this again, but I didn't watch Hardebeck and Gibbs for any extended period of time until they met in the semis at that fateful National. I actually watched from the 2nd set, I believe. And also skipped the earlier 3rd. Kenin vs Bellis National semi too, I was 'too busy' watching other matches lol and 'sauntered' to the court to watch...from the mid-3rd set I believe. Naturally I didn't really watch their earlier matches.

I dare say the players 'trust' me. They know by now, by their experience, that I'm not a menace. That I'm a mere 'overzealous' ball boy! That afternoon some G16 players even explicitly said 'thank you' to me whenever I fetched stray balls.

How much they trust me? Well some flop themselves on the lawn right in front of me...! They eye me so often during the matches to maybe get any shred of encouragement(I'm talking to you, a certain Ninja, haha, but she's just one of countless many) from me, which is not forthcoming lol. I've said countless times, that my role model is Oracene, 'feigning' sleep!  Certain parents even 'inch closer' to me, because their daughters eye me so often! :p  Of course it's not like that crazy guy stalking me.
Just like Colette, I just observe. Maybe I'm so impressed with their play, I do clap at times, but that's about it. My motto is naturally, 'may the best player win' :)

I did chat with some players, but I didn't 'chase' them. They were quite near me anyway, even right beside me(I didn't approach them, it's usually them who 'inch closer' to me!), so it was quite natural to strike a conversation. Naturally broke the ice to compliment them on their game, match or college choice, or a fun fact concerning their previous tournament like that Texas flag and fingerpainting!
And what then did I quiz them? Recruiting info on them and others, of course, what else? What else do you think I chat with them about? Favorite Ice cream flavors??!!

Now I actually feel sorry for that guy. Pity him. He really must be quite dim(witted) to not be able to perceive what is actually going on at the venue. Oh well, what can I do, all I can do is to demand banning them from all tournament from the West(if she goes to good Div. I college, WAATC and Oracle as well??!) and spreading word to college coaches that he's not very bright...!!

That's it. So tired right now, even after mercilessly getting 'kneaded' for 2 hrs(I begged the masseuse to go easy on me this time, but she was merciless!) yesterday lol. Physically, and mentally. This trauma might take time to heal. One of the reasons why I'm closing this blog.

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