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Sunday, April 2, 2017

My final words on EB

Hailey Baptiste received Jackie Cooper/Tory Fretz Sportsmanship Award from Lornie Kuhle.

That's all we need to know about this tournament. Instantly became a laughting stock of the tennis world, just like when USC fucked up that USO double WC situation.

I mean, whoever in the know, will take this tournament seriously after this comedy lol. Colette must've been stifling laughter when she took that pic(or was it her husband who took it)!

Cooper and Fretz(if they're dead) must be rolling in the graves! Since not only the 'glorious tradition' of EB, now their names have been tainted as well.
To think of it though, it could be that EB's tradition is allowing crazy parents free rein...just not safe to go there for tournament goers!

You know, I had a VIP treatment at WAATC last Fall. She personally escorted me through the cafeteria, explaining all the menus. I was naturally very flattered and thankful(can't abide hunger!).
She was smart(she knew the value of cultivating me, even if I was only a fan and a mere blogger) and kind. Not this..woman at the desk that day.

Due to her stupid actions, the tradition of EB instantly turned to ash and dust...!
Well, that's at least what I like to think/delude myself!


Anonymous said...

It's obviously a political choice. Somebody high up in USTA wants HB to get some media attention. A travesty.

fan said...

I do wonder if HB's father was a big shot. That was just not normal, him assaulting me with impunity. Is he a prominent gangster? Certainly behaved like one lol. We need an exposé on him and his 'sinister' connection with EB or USTA(or Addidas?)!

Now what if Addidas is in the dark. Maybe somebody should alert them so they might reconsider sponsoring this dangerous event!