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Sunday, April 2, 2017

My last word here on this disaster, and demand

I'm closing this blog after the tournament ends.

The incident would not have escalated had the tournament instantly took appropriate action when Baptiste's dad kicked me in the foot and threatened me AT THE FRONT DESK.

Either they should've 'removed' that guy from the venue, or, me.

That guy even later stalked me, threatened me again, and was seen spreading calumny about me, and finally, approaching me again when I was watching G16 doubles and taking pics of me.

And they didn't do a thing about it, in fact it was ME who got warned by that lady when I went to her to complain. It's really hilarious.

Now a security guard stood next to me for a while during those doubles matches. I wonder now why he was there. To protect me from that lunatic, or incredulously, vice versa lol.

So, again, I have to emphasize the tournament's responsibility on this incident. They neglected their duty to impose order on the venue. Allowed that lunatic free rein. Really that's the gist of it.

This tournament is tainted, just like USC women tennis lol.

My demand is simple, if I were to cover EB again.

Ban the Baptistes. Her dad told me not to take pics or to film her lol. What he actually saw, I have no idea since I didn't even have a camera with me. But from then on I stayed as far away from that girl as possible, respecting his wishes. Did not watch her matches of course. Likewise, I don't want to see her again.
I should also spread words about her crazy dad among college coaches, saying that he's not..very bright lol. I would hate to see her playing college, since I might continue covering WAATC and such. Maybe she could play Div. II or

Public apology from the tournament.  Naturally.  Like posting a paragraph prominently on the webpage, mentioning this incident, apologizing and guaranteeing tournament goer's safety.
 Apparently fan's safety is not their concern, at all. How can you promote the event when you can't even guarantee tournament goers' safety, have no idea. It's just not safe to attend lol.

Maybe they should also provide me with a free lodging, as a compensation lol. A cheap one, considering what I've gone and still going through, eh? Better yet, how about providing me travel expenses for the trip to cover SEC and NCAA tournament? Coach Bernstein urged me to come, so it's a win win scenario for everyone concerned! :)  I might just devote majority of my time to bird there, but that shouldn't be their concern, right? :p

Whoever in charge of the situation needs to stand down. That woman for example, don't want to see her face again. Of all the years I've been attending various tournaments, she's easily the worst. Her treatment of me was absolutely laughable. Apparently she was persuaded 100% by that lunatic and didn't WANT to hear my argument, at all. She's no different from that guy in that she was also a bully. Probably on par with Mr. Spearman at Laguna Niguel for her lack of 'tact' and common sense lol.

Maybe I should sue the tournament as well, if I don't hear from them soon. My email is on the right side of the column, so they may reach me through it. The ball is absolutely on their side. Let's see their efforts at damage control. Likely will just try to cover it up, considering their incompetence so far, but we'll see, eh?

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